Monday, June 06, 2005

Let them be little

Back to a Monday! But as the kids say every day seems sorta like a Saturday now
that schools out. Even for me. Ah the joys of self employment. We didn't let the
rain spoil our weekend. Saturday it was coming down steady most of the day. We
received over 2 inches! Kids wanted to go out and play in it since it seemed to still
be warm outside with little or no wind. Why not? I thought so I let them. Then my
husband and I decided to join them. Might be a refreshingly fun idea to be
spontaneous and do something "kid like". We played football and it was a blast!
We ran in a few times to get a dry shirt or new rainy coat and kept at it. It was so
awesome to feel the wet grass at my feet and smell the fresh rain air.

Once the game was determined to be about over when we said well....
we should go in and dry off-
my 7 1/2 year old son ran for the curb of our side street.
First he stomped in the water that was
there and then he ran down the side of it kicking up whatever water he could.
Normally, I'd shoosh him back. But it was quiet in the street and he had shoes on
and he really wasn't hurting anything by it. So I watched him.
Remembering the song
"Let them be little"
which always makes me cry.
He ran up and down up and down.
Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.

PLOP ...
he decided it'd be good idea to sit in the gulley of
water! Laughing. He stood back up to see how wet he'd gotten. Grinning he seemed
to have accomplished much in his mind already. Sitting back down you could
see the new quest in his face as he bopped his legs and butt into the water. At this
point I had pulled my husband aside to sneak a peak too. Just then


He LAID BACK into the water! Completely flat in the gutter of rain water.
Okay I said, time to go in!
He laughed all the way in and as he walked into the front door.
"THis, This is the life!" He kept saying
so I asked the obvious "Have you always wanted to do that?"
"YES!!!!!" He said and added "AND I FINALLY DID!"

They teach us so much in their love of life! Oh to let us be little again too!

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