Monday, June 13, 2005

Love from Cancun and back

So it's been a week since I wrote? Whoa. Where did I go?!!! Actually, it has seemed as if I
was on a little vacation without even leaving my little ol' home! Just that kind of energy
where I am completely and totally at peace with myself and everything around me. And
reconnecting with my husband as if we were away on a deserted island facing each other
once again and saying "Hey, where have you been!?" Hubba Hubba. For like 2 weeks now!
Yeah baby, it's like uh only colder, wetter, and Fargo! I hope it stays this
way. Well not completely this way. This way ... only thinner. (chuckle) Now that's my
nirvana baby! Like a honeymoon only with kids and a dog and financial pressure and all
the middle class normalcy that keeps us grounded in this reality. I embrace all of it :)

Still walking too and loving how energized I get from it now. If I don't walk then I'm sluggish!
I'm up to 6 laps or mile and half at quite a clip. Every day! *Gasp* Only way to get it done and
stay focused. I walked in rain the other day but today it was too
steady so I tried to dust up a walking CD I had lieing around.
It said "Invalid title" DVD player wouldn't play it!
Now if that isn't the darker energy trying to knock me off my proverbial treadmill I don't
know WHAT is! But I'm going to turn on the music and walk in place! Neener neener!

Why would we care about what we LOOK like on the other side of the chasm you say? Great
question! Thanks for asking! Marketing will focus on what makes us FEEL good not look good
and we'll surely embrace all shapes, sizes and colors. But let's be real. We must put self-care
at the utmost of importance. For me, Spirit runs the show, then mental and my physical body
lags behind saying "What about me?" To truly commit to focusing on your health and losing
weight is very challenging if its a lifestyle change. But so invigorating! And if its about getting
in shape as much as it is getting thin- then what could be wrong or superficial about that? I
want to run up a huge flight of stairs without breaking a sweat as much as I want to be a size 8
again! Focused like a laser beam this time to get it done before my 40th birthday in March.
Then I'll REALLY go to Cancun. But not with a thong. Eeeewww.
Just a regular bikini Thank you very much! I'll see ya when I get there :)

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