Sunday, June 19, 2005

Rewarded for bad behavior

I really don't want my blog postings to always be a bastion of ranting
about what is wrong with this great Earth. But mostly, I feel most
compelled to write about what I want to vent about! Unlike my buddy
Nodak Jack, who writes about all the beautiful people in his life that he
appreciates and the exciting moments from his career. It's about being
in the trenches after all and getting to the OTHER SIDE of the chasm.
It can get kind dark and muddled here in the shadows but over there,
well, over there it is beautiful, dream like and just...well, perfect.

The latest venting comes again from the birds eye view of our not so
perfect world. And how our civilization rewards it's citizens
for bad behavior. And we called the Natives "savages!" Mere days after
she ran away from her fiancee and upcoming wedding, the runaway
bride apparently had a publicist who had her clamp down on any media
interviews or press statements so as to heighten interest in her book.
More and more the TV media builds up some waylorn citizen in their 15
minutes of fame, obsesses about it and assumes we hang on the seat of
our chairs at each moment of repeating coverage...oh and I'm sure SOME
do hang on it and I fear for them as well! Then the media machine
continues with book and tv movie deals. It's simply absurd. Basically,
the runaway bride was troubled and lied to police commiting a crime in
her foggy state. The entire law enforcement infrastructure searching for
at every turn. She lied. She came home. Now she's apparently half a million
dollars richer for it. That's the advance from her new book deal which will
possibly gain her even more when it's on the shelves. This is what we care
about as a society? Not those who are in need of food in other countries?
Not the heros who serve on the front lines of our service industries every
day? Not the miraculous stories that occur every moment at our Children's
Hospitals nationwide? Not sexy I know. Give them the dirt, the gossip, and
the liers and the cheaters, the famous and the wealthy. Such is the circus
of life today. Does nothing for me. Too many other beautiful stories not
being told. Too much negativity for me. Beside the obvious principle of
rewarding someone for making a big mistake and hurting alot of people!

ReganMedia — which includes HarperCollins imprint Regan Books — announced it has acquired all media rights to the story of runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks and that a television project is in the works. A book on the 32-year-old nurse also is possible but nothing has been signed yet, ReganMedia spokesman Paul Crichton said. Although not much is known about ReganMedia's intentions, signing such a deal typically signifies publishers have big plans for their clients.

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