Friday, September 02, 2005

More guardsmen needed HERE

Been trying to find out- How many guardsmen total are in Iraq? Guardsmen traditionally are to PROTECT US SOIL only. Can you believe only 700-1,400 were immediately available in city of million people- rest had to be mobilized from God knows where. Not their fault but look how fast their was ORDER when they arrived. City Policemen with no passion for the beloved city apparently, long since "checked" out and now depleting numbers as many turn in their badges like cowards at what could be their finest hour, when they are most needed to protect and serve others "I've lost my home too and this aint worth losing my life" One woman reportedly asked a Local or State police officer "Please help us" to which the cop responded "Go to hell, its every man for himself" That's NOT the energy of ONE. The energy of Christ consciousness. That's an entirely Different energy that I don't want to even fathom. It's your choice which energy you prefer. The SPLIT is occuring now in more vivid manner. Cracks have been occurring for some time in the chasm.

Americans should be outraged. Noone is reporting either but there's more to come. Terrorists will be emboldened. Let alone global warming-----Category 5 TYPHOON Now bearing down near Tokyo with evacuations unfolding--- no one reporting it is only on crawl. Katrina was massive in size, it didn't go from weeny to bully it WAS a bully heading directly for N.O for good 24+ hours--- but no Guardsmen there to go through and evacuate as they did in Grand Forks. They are all in ANOTHER Country or another part of country. Lousiana guard in Iraq. NO guardsmen MP to protect and evacuate and restore order. Let alone the massive studies that have been done that the levee could only withstand a Cat. 3!!!! Citizens would pray every time there was a Hurricane, knowing their city was not safe. This is America? And even more in depth sociological studies that if the city were to be evacuated the predominately poor and disabled wouldn't get the word and would be left behind in chaos if alive at all.

Bush 2 turned the cheek- not only not acting on the studies but CUTTING funding by additional 25% to repair levees and swamplands that deaden the force. He's human, he made a mistake. A mistake that will haunt him and his Administration I imagine for the rest of their lives. But then he stayed at his vacation even as the city was enveloped by water? He was caught playing a guitar at a country concert the next day or even day after that? Is this for real? And now an oil shortage to boot. Another area with a stunning lack of preparation for oh, good 15 years now. Gas prices hit $3 even BEFORE Katrina and American consumption went UP! When I grew up there were gas lines, and Carter drove home need for car pooling, electric cars, hybrid cars, wind power, that all stopped with Reagan. Know who owns the big WINDMILL power research plant here in NOrth Dakota? The Norweigans! 15 years doing N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Nuttin' but Tahoe's and Humvee's and CEEGARS and Rich gettin richer. So if consumption went UP, who is the $3 a gallon hurting? Of course, once again the Poor. The low and middle class. If a tree falls in a forest does anyone hear it? No.


Cry said...

watch the news, quit trying to make it a different issue it a blameless event- there are plenty of police- how do you prepare for something like this. Iraq is not the problem, I am sure Clinton would have been much better.

Jill said...

Didn't say Iraq was the problem. And didn't mean to imply it's the GUARDs problem. It is a troops are overstretched issue not that it happened- but that people died of starvation!!!! Look how fast the Guardsmen, MPs and military restored order when they arrived, feeding thousands with MRE's, preventing thousands from rushing the buses and shooting at the drivers, there's NO reason that are Guardsmen are now being deployed from outstate to protect us. It takes too long to mobilize thousands of troops and give them their orders and then have them drive as we saw here. Plenty of police? Are we watching the same news I am? 1/3rd or more of the LOCAL police LEFT. Turned in their badges. How do you prepare for this? See Grand Forks NDs evacuation of more than 100,000 in early 90s. Complete chaos, buildings burning, 10 feet of water and more in places, but not one life lost. Guardsmen went in and evacuated citizens round the clock. Studies have been done on the disabled and poor being left behind, for 2 days or more this monster tracked in on this city.

***Double_Oh_No*** said...

As I read on another blog, if it takes this long to mobilize our troops and save people, then why should we be secure in the belief that our country can deal with an attack from another country?