Thursday, October 06, 2005

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Is it just me or is it increasingly difficult to watch ANY
news due to the political bickering (that's the G rated word)
in this country? I know, I know what you are thinking, it's
ALWAYS been difficult yes, that's true but I mean it is Red
Zone off the charts bad.
It's as if there is some grand conspiracy for Washington to
continue to churn out scandals lately and for the media to
go hohhummm and then focus solely on the Sneeches
mentality of the story. "No you didn't" "Yes you dddiiid"
"No I didn't" "Well, I'm telling Mom" "I know you are but
what am I? Neener! "
I don't care WHAT side you are on!
The Dems they are in need of therapy as they have NO
confidence. No united voice and then when they do come out
it's as if they are just not
confident enough to really say what's on their minds for fear
they will lose a constituent or two. Where are all the causes
they use to fight for? Rising homelessness. Lack of health care.
American Indian suicides. Not pretty vote right? And the
Rights well, let's just say they lost me a while ago. They didn't
lose me at hello, I bumbled along for the ride for a while but
more and more they give a whole new meaning to split reality in the
"Flip" or Great Emergence that this planet is currently under
going. It's always "This is scandalous that we'd even be bothered
by such nonsense
!" Harumph!
Even more remarkable is what's NOT reported. Don't
you find it odd? I find I get most of my news from PRINT.
I can delve into something I want to know more about that
really isn't anywhere on the so called "news channels" and I know
I didn't just dream about it- that it really DID happen. Some
times just for entertainment purposes, I actually READ the
breaking news crawls that appear below the news channels.
Quite tragic what actually constitutes "breaking news" or this just
in these days isn't it? I hate to say it but I get most of my TV News
from Emmy award winner Jon Stewart on the Daily show. I figure
Nothing like a great belly laugh after a long day.
Especially at the expense of American Politics. And when time
allows, which is far to little these days, I catch my favorite radio
show, "NOONDAY" with Jack & Sandy, and I find it's for the most
part gleefully void of politics! And there are alot of great BLOGS
out there, I just don't have time to read them all! I mean come
on I have to post on MY Blog. And I DO have a life! That includes
a busy 7 year old Cub Scout and football player and a 9 year old
dancer and tennis player! You know the Blog thing is a epidemic
of sorts when nearly every member of your family has one!
(all but Mom and Dad as of this week) It's a fun epidemic- it shows
humanity's creativity. One big melting pot of creativity and ingenuity.
But I hate the "Media Blogs" what a joke. Everyone has one now
and it's like, what's the point? You already have your OWN show on
NATIONAL television. Hello!!!! Can we say narcissistic?
One last thing, why do the news
channels have to pick 2-3 of the same stories and hammer them
to death over and over and over again? Surely, there's got to be
more interesting range of stories to deliver that which occurred on the
planet in the last say oh hour and hour and half? Heck, even in
the last 24 hours would suffice! I'm not crabby, even though it
sounds like I am. It's just all cracking me up.
Well, my log is nearly flickering out
finally. That's the best part about a blustery day up Nort. A good ol'
cracklin' fire. So big that I had to stay up to tend to it a bit longer than
I intended! I stayed up later than I have in a month. What a snoozer
I can be! Such is life when you are narrating national television show,
managing city's first Ebay trading post part time, shuffling kids to and
fro from school and activities and dr appointments, and just enjoying
life in the Now. Thanks for stopping by and making it worth my time
to write. Because if you never did- then well, I'd just be talking to myself.

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