Monday, October 03, 2005

Energetic weather

Celestial Weather2 October 2005 - 8 October 2005
Week of October 2nd, 2005

Week as a Whole:The energies of Mars and Pluto serve to both destroy and create. When they combine, it's easy to focus on the negative consequences, but thereare bad situations that cry out for profound change. And there's theprocess of cleansing that is destructive while being healthy. Mars has just begun his 10-week retrograde period while tightly connected with Pluto and these forces are at work in our world at elevated levels. We do have bombings and mayhem in Asia and the Middle East. But we alsoare beginning to confront the cleansing of New Orleans. Somehow theU.S. has to deal with 22 million tons of rubble. Other old and toxic situations are being changed. Note the Irish Republican Army has givenup its arms in a historic end game phase of that long and bitterstruggle. The current crop of corrupt U.S. politicians and their lobbyist cronies find the status quo shifting beneath them. And late last week, the press reported the U.S. military suggesting that less troops would help the Iraq situation. Mars moving backward in retrograde motion is a perfect symbol for military withdrawal. Prior reports have mentioned the long-lasting Y pattern formed by Mars with Jupiter and Pluto. This is a powerful and long-lasting dose ofMars, Pluto, and Jupiter energy because the pattern astronomicallylingers over several weeks. Mars is virtually motionless as he changes direction, Pluto moves slowly all the time, and only Jupiter's statelyprogress through Libra will cause it to lose focus over the next twoweeks. Monday's eclipse( adds a second Y pattern; this one has Uranus making the Y with Saturn on one branch andthe eclipsing Sun and Moon on the other. Like Mars and Pluto, Uranusacts to destroy the status quo. He strikes like lightning, suddenly andpowerfully with explosive impact. He represents "wild" forces of naturebeyond our control as they scramble our well-made plans. These Ypatterns often symbolize forks in our road, choices that we mustconfront without postponement.Two weeks from now, at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse,( the Sun will havemoved from this week's Y pattern with Saturn to replace Mercury/Jupiterin a Y pattern with Mars and Pluto. Most unusual.The Uranus Y pattern focuses from the 4 o'clock position (Uranus) makinga Y with Saturn (10 o'clock) and the Sun and Moon rising at the 9o'clock spot. The Mars Y pattern runs from Mars (1 o'clock) spreadingout to Pluto just after 6 o'clock and Jupiter/Mercury at 8 o'clock. You'll find Venus opposite Mars in this chart and they are both in signsand locations (in the chart for the U.S. capitol) that symbolize moneyand power. So Cheney has surgery, DeLay and Frist are "busted" and theU.S. will be looking at a radically changed Supreme Court as thiseclipse unfolds. President Bush, who was born with Pluto rising in theeast, continues his life pattern of following lucky breaks withdisaster. He is an agent of Pluto's great power, his wealth, and hisservant as well.This week begins with the drawing in that always comes with the daysjust before a New Moon. And this eclipse, in the number 10 degree ofLibra, bears the symbol of "a professor peering over his glasses at hisstudents." The universe is clearly offering us a learning experience,an opportunity to see our various situations from a different point ofview. We can put down our close-up glasses and take a long distanceview. For all of us, we're concerned with how we balance our personalneeds with the needs of our partners. This is a Libra New Moon, socialand interpersonal and intellectual. We're looking for objectivity andjustice. Life may feel like the deck of a ship in a high sea and we'reseeking a solid footing. Mercury becomes exactly aligned with Jupiter on Wednesday offeringanother symbolic potential for a new insight and mental clarity. Mercury and Jupiter cooperate as a pair of planets that represent ourmental functions of information sharing and intellectual understanding. They align once every year, but only in Libra every 12 years. Togetherlike this, they indicate that we can keep a cool head amidst what shouldbe a period of major chaos and re-structuring.When the Sun links with Neptune on Friday the image of a new futurecomes from the back to the front of our minds. This linkage gives ushope for harmony and the power of sister/brotherhood to make adifference in the world. The media and our technology bring us togetheraround ideas and over-the-horizon events to feel our common humanity. Also on Friday Venus moves into Sagittarius and about 12 hours later, onSaturday, Mercury leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. With both innerplanets changing signs so close together, we can expect to feel a shiftin our interior space. This is a movement from the purely personal intoa concern for a wider social experience, citizenship rather thanpartnership; there's a shifting from making commitments to theconsequences of those same commitments.Finally, in these stressful times, it bears repeating that those of uswhose personal horoscopes are being touched by these strong patternswill be acting out and experiencing major change in their lives. Thoseof us not directly connected by our celestial antennae form theaudience...this time.

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