Monday, October 24, 2005

Latest message from Archangel Ariel

And another terrific message from the ever humorous and all too
intelligent Archangel Ariel transmitted by Isaac. I highly recommend
as I've said before, a session with Isaac/Ariel. Talk about mind
expansion! EXTREME consciousness I call it. Had me processing a
few things for weeks. And I gave him/her some real whopper questions
too. I always loved it when my questions turned into deeper questions!
Hey! No Fair! And how completely "linear" I felt after. No matter how
heavy and confusion or challenging life on Earth here is- it is always
SIMPLY Divine in the view from above. :) Of course, I just wrote about
not being TOO disengaged (specifically from politics or spirituality in
gated communities of the heart) but there is a fine balance to be found
in staying aware, helping to break old patterns to get to the other side
AND detatching from it all in a blissful joy that is the Great Emergence.

Due to time constraints, the Message this month is published in full.

November Message
October 24th, 2005

“The ego wants to elevate itself in any way it can. It will happily set off on the spiritual path because it enjoys the feeling that is becoming more spiritual. It loves spiritual knowledge and power.
It will continue on the path as long as it continues to accumulate more spiritual knowledge or power. In other words, the ego is becoming spiritualized, which is most unhelpful for one who is truly committed to full awakening.” From T4T.

“Communion and the Mystery of Miracles”
Archangel Ariel with Isaac George

“Ariel here. We come to you in peace and bless you all. Our perspective of the last 90 days is forthcoming, but not nearly as important as what we observe for the next 90 days of your time. Fortune-tellers we are not. However, the trends in the realms of time and form are easily discernable if you connect with your Witness Within. To cultivate this ability ultimately confers peace upon you, and dispels confusion and fearfulness. We recommend to you that you recognize that we are providing a lens through which you can also peer into the workings of consciousness, and we will provide you with the energetics and inform-ation necessary to reset your fields for the maximum awareness that is appropriate for where you are in your journey.

You find yourselves on the other side of a period of great upheaval and change. Climate change and Earth change are indicative of changes occurring in the consensus of mass unconsciousness. It’s a MindField of misqualified thoughts. Much of the personal and collective nightmare scenarios are being expelled at this time, and most of it has not manifested outwardly as various crises than could have because of the faculty of dreaming. If your dreams lately are wild and contorted nonsense, your egoic unconscious and subconscious MindFields are purging. What is not purged is playing itself out in the hologram. The activity of the Sun is a combined response to divine/cosmic activations plus the activity of all the collective mental and astral/emotional distortions within humanity and other expressions of consciousness, what you would call dark ones. We remind you that these dark ones are your brothers and sisters also, and not separate from you. They too are living in their limited awareness and experience the pain of the illusion of separation from Source.

To spend much time on what has been is not useful, except to say that there is a continuing opportunity for compassionate thought and action. How could you not see those who are hungry as anything but yourself? The absence of that awareness in the mass delusion is indeed the reason for the unnecessary suffering of many. Where and how you are impulsed to express that is already in your awareness, for indeed, as you do unto another you do unto all and yourself. Giving creates a harmonic response to receive, and nothing is loss or wasted.

In this next cycle you may experience ‘acceleration anxiety’ and wild swings of perceiving time wobbling between fast and slow. The primary cause here is the instability of the Planet’s magnetic envelope. This will correspond with an increase in unexpected and chaotic events within the structures of nations and interlocking systems. They are all under strain from increasing pressures within and without to change the prevailing consciousness that lives in an out-of-balance condition with Spirit and the Earth. Acceleration will continue significantly, even during the so-called quietness of the Northern Hemisphere’s wintertime, or the renewed activity of springtime in the Southern Hemisphere. Regardless of location, this will be a winter of discontent, which will foster a spring of new hope, new ideas, and new action. Many more will awaken to the requirement to change when it becomes plain to see that energy used to heat and cook is being manipulated for the benefit of a misguided few. There is no room any longer in the mindset for private control of resources for personal gain, and the waters will be rough before they get calm again. Remind yourself again that these are but issues that mask the true nature of the Dream, and they are not Reality itself. We have always encouraged you to live heaven. That does not mean that you need to project your need to make heaven exist in the outer before it exists within you, for that is the ultimate desire of the ego, not your True Spirit.

To commune with Spirit is the purpose of awakening. This will awaken you and heal you, and eventually heal the Planet as well. Anything that diverts your attention from this is a WMD, a ‘weapon of mass delusion.’ Remember that you are living in a phenomenological Universe/Multiverse, and product of Mind, of Thought manifested. We observe the multidimensionality of you and everything else, including Ourselves, but we do not identity with any of it as actually BEING us. We are One. How could there be anything other than THAT? In Reality, there isn’t. You as undifferentiated Source is in the process of remembering that Reality at the level of consciousness. This is the goal without a goal. Communion is the intention to select, or create, the thoughts that are Life Affirming, that connect you with more of what’s real in you, and ultimately everyone and everything. That is inevitable, and it is a process unfolding.

Examine yourself right now. Are you current with yourself? Do you have any stories that you still have attachments to? Is the acceleration anxiety causing you to turn away from the thoughts and disciplines that give you peace and stability? Have you become hypnotized by all the disasters and dramas on the world stage? There is an immense arising of Love and awareness while at the same time there is an increasing tornado of destructiveness and disorder, the old dying and the new birthing.

Turn off the TV and radio. Disengage from the talk about the news for the greater part of the day and night. Grace your own perceptions of these manifestations through letting go and asking Spirit to give you the clearest lens to see the Reality. Cultivate communion so that Spirit may express through you the thoughts, energy and actions that are most helpful in whatever situation arises. Immerse yourself; merge yourself into the bliss of selecting Oneness. Through communion you prepare yourself as a vehicle for the suspension of material laws. You become a miracle worker.

Miracles are not something we’ve spoken about before. Many of the teachings about manifesting or co creating reality has been misunderstood to a greater or lesser degree, and even the Universe does rearrange itself to fit your picture of reality, is that really the best solution for all concerned? Consider the possibility that Spirit does know better, and consider that to be Christ Conscious is to harbor no idea whatsoever about how a miracle happens, except that it is what is possible when you no longer believe that what you see it true.

Becoming a miracle worker is to cultivate a communion with the impossible becoming possible, and it is not done on your terms. The Universe and that which is behind the Universe responds to asking, and as we have stated before, ask, ask, and ask again for that is the subatomic nuclear trigger that activates the potential for miracles to manifest.
A miracle may be a transcendent idea that revolutionizes a service or product that helps thousands of souls. A miracle can be the remission of a terminal illness. A miracle can also be a life lived peacefully. A miracle can be the courage of someone who stands up to tyranny and says ‘no’ without attacking in return. Or, one day your inner awareness will remember how to bi-locate, and like the particle in quantum physics, you can be in two places at once! Miracles more accurately demonstrate quantum physics, for quantum physics can only point to the mystery of miracles. It is unable, so far, to explain what is observed.

The Mystery of Miracles is this: Love + Faith = Miracles. If you are full of love, and you know what is real and true, hen you become the channel of miracles. You are not the doer of the miracle, you are the conduit. A miracle experienced by you or one you know is not forgotten, and is a constant reminder of the unreality of what you assumed was so real. Put manifest reality in its proper position in your consciousness and you become free of fear, free of death, and free to live fully. All the rest is the winter of discontent in the Mind, the ego that seeks to control the full remembrance of Who You Are. The Christ Yeshua said, ‘why do ye marvel at these works that I do? You shall do these, and greater.” Perhaps today the miracle will be to feel the Presence inside of your Heart, and know that you are never alone. That alone can give you the feeling of walking on water!

Be not overly concerned with changing water into wine, or oil! First, create more communions into your life, and ask to be made a channel of miracles for the benefit of everyone awakening from the dream of the ego. You can create your day, but only after you’ve surrendered your control of outcomes to That which lives and moves within your Being. Water will turn wine, food will manifest, the blind shall see again, and the captives will be freed. Do YOU believe it? Then so shall it be done unto you.

Ninety days is a short time. By next February you will have grown more and seen more than many who have desired to see what you have or will see. Blessed are you who came in the Name of Spirit. You are the miracles, the mystery, and we commune with you in Love.

End Message

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