Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Message on the changes

The following is a channeled message received by Rev. Hope Gorman
of the Hope Interfaith Center in Mankato, Minnesota. The link to the Center
is here on my blog. Hope is her name given by the Angels she hears and it
stands for "Help Open Planetary Eyes". I had several readings with her by
phone and I have met her and witnessed a channeled
message that led to her being one of my mentors on this journey. It was a very
moving and powerful message and even though it forecasted great changes, I found
it very comforting to know she was here to relay such a message.

This message was channeled by Hope on August 22nd of this year in reference
to the changes on this planet and published in her center's Newsletter. It is being
published here with her permission. I hope you find it helpful. Indeed the new
must rise up. And YOU, yes YOU must be an active part of that changing of the
guard. Seek what is truth. Seek what makes sense and discard what does not. Do not
isolate yourself. Be with those that make you laugh. Share with others the bounty
that is you and your life.Be forgiving of others AND YOURSELF and all that you have
created in your reality. Know that you have the power to change it.

And may you always stay in the Divine Light and focus on the Highest good, for it
is then that you will quite effortlessly "walk across the chasm" on this beam of Light.
Safe in the Divine sanctity of One and all that swirls around you. Jill

Changes are occurring on your planet. And as you see, a call for radical changes
in the ground rules that govern your physical reality are called for as well. You must
be ready and wililng to establish a new life style of living a life that is intoned to Peace,
Harmony, Forgiveness, Love and Justice for All. This is the opportunity that is being
extended to you at this time. In this process of change, much that might have seemed
stable is now thrust into movement. The challenges with which you will undoubtedly
be faced will vary according to the levels of resistance posed to the reality of what is
transpiring in your life. You can anticipate being pressed to the max in the years
ahead as the old must go and the new must rise up!

In the midst of un-needed War and Crime and Gas hikes, no health insurance, no jobs
and losing jobs, famine and illness, do you not see that the shifting sands under your
feet need attention? The systems on which your society is based will experience a
fundamental vibrational break down. The old paradigm must change now and it is!
But be strong my beautiful children of the LIGHT because as you stay focused on the
highest good and the highest good of all in all of your decisions you will be safe in the
sanctity of all that swirls around you.

Most people from your planet have not remained in their sacred center of sharing. But
ultimately, they will realize that they cannot afford to be asleep at the wheel.

These are the ones creating the nightmare. And whether or not you wish to continue
acting it out becomes a question of choice. Ultimately, all of you will begin to notice the
correlation between your actions and your lifestyle, which will equal your world. Do not
be in fear or turmoil over what is happening. Choose transformation by using your power
of choice.

Also, take a look at your thought forms that float freely within your consciousness for they
will continue to manifest during this transitory stage. For your reality IS a vivid represenation
of all that dwells, overtly as well as dormantly, within your consciousness. Instead of
taking directions from President Bush who continues to say "We must stay the course", it
is time to listen to your Holiness called "Omni Creator God" who says "Stay the Course" which refers to the Course of Miracles or any course that will bring you into greater and greater
spiritual actions. As you continue to stay on your course with God, have certainty
consciousness that with LOVE you can change the world. Then the potential storm of
major proportions will barely make a ripple upon the waters within you. In the changes
that are taking place remember that you are not alone! God and the Angelic army of
Grace and Peace and Love and Harmony and Sharing are with you on your journey. Join
the army of God and you will be in good company despite the accelerating momentum of
changes. Become the "rock" of right choices for others to follow.

Find yourself a community and band together as if your life depended upon it because it
does! Like-minded energy will bond with like minded energy. If you take a look around
now and you don't like what you see or how you feel or what is happening in your life,
then YOU have the opportunity to choose to be in the company of angels. It is "I",
Omni-Creator God, who says surrender the resistance and give up the fight of always
thinking it is about YOU and about what YOU want. Do you know that on your planet
in the jungles of the wilderness there are cultures of Indigenous tribes that have no words
for "I want?" They thrive in a community that lives and eats and sleeps in what is good
for the tribe as a whole. Leave the small "i" of "you" and join in with a team effort into
a community. You do not need to wait until there is nothing left to lose. Be ready now!
For only then, in the sacred space of community lie the answers to your problems.
Share, Share living space, share rides, share vacations, share meals together, share in
co-positive grocery buying, share garden spaces, share books, share clothes, share smiles
with one another, share hugs with each other, share your talents, share taking care of
children. Are you getting the picture? Expect to make some radical changes in your life
style. What will follow is an energetic link to your family of LIGHT! For I tell you now
you are to shed the trappings of each successive, outmoded identity. IF you are carrying
any baggage from successive lifetimes into this life time cycle, remove it now. The
metamorphis in which you you are engaged is one that will continue throughout the
duration of this year and the year to come. Now is not the time for complacent behavior.

Shed old out dated beliefs of limitations...Remember
Shed your fears...Remember:
Shed your egos...Remember:
Shed your thoughts of lack...Remember:
Shed your thoughts and your series of repititious behaviors that keep you rooted in denser
levels of awareness...Remember:
Remember that you are made in the Image of God!

"STAY THE COURSE" - The accelerating momentum of the energies of this enchanted
moment makes it possible for beings to choose to circumvent the endless cycle of pain
and war if they choose to. From a higher understanding please now know that you are
the Artist from a multidimensional perspective. If one is able to look back over one's
journey of metamorphosis and recapture, as crystalline awareness, the poignant moments
in on'es personal drama, then it becomes obvious to the observer that you were the one
that was the source of all of it. If you can now fully realize for the first time and really
understand that youa re the creator of your creations, then you have the opportunity to
change the movie itself. You choreographed your life and now the group consciousness
is choreographing a crescendo, so it should be blatantly obvious to you how powerful
you all are as a group mindset. Your life on earth is the living reflection of your own
vibrational mindset. You have the power to change the course of humanity. Through
group consciousness and through community thinking you shall become whole and
healthy and balanced if this is what you choose. As a drop of water is to the ocean, this is
what you are to the Oneness. Together let us pool our resources AND CHOOSE LIFE!

Blessings to you the children of the Light.

---End transmission-------

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