Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nearing end of 2005

Yes, I'm still here. Time flies when your working on yourself.
And heck ya, having fun too. It's not an oxymoron to put exercize
with fun. It can be done. Hardest part is getting there in morning
then the rest feels good. Sometimes I'm able to sleep in and get there
in the afternoon. That's even better. I'm at a mile in 16 minutes now.
Nearly double what I started at. And I do 2 miles not 1. 2 miles in 35
minutes. Went off to resort for Thanksgiving to celebrate our 15th
Anniversary- with the kids in tow of course. I managed to swim laps
and get 60 minute workout one day. Then big blizzard hit and its been
now 4 days since I've made it to gym. But funny part is, I WANT to get
there! So up and back at em in morning at 5:30. Still with Becca, and
super amazed when I see what I'm already up to in weights. Really, I
tell her, I don't honestly WANT to look like Ahnuld. But Moms are tough
it's true. Comes from years of lugging 2 kids on one arm and 4 grocery
bags on the other. Don't know where the weight is. Don't want to know
just yet as long as I'm getting there 4-5 days a week. That's priority. And
going at it hard when I'm there too. No time to lose.

Can't believe the year is nearly over. Time is ever an illusion. Year seems
very long in some aspects when I think of what was going on January of this
year and yet in many ways it has flown by as well. Most people continue to
"clean up" on old issues. Can be painful as every workable issue is magnified
bigger than ever before so that we can "finally get it already" and move on.
Most of our issues are cleaned up, swept up and we are in the bliss of "now".

Refuse to get caught up in the commercialization of holidays and once again
will have minor gift giving aside from the children. I more look forward to
our annual preparation of gifts for the homeless. We ask the children to pick
out items from their room to give. It's more personal then going to a store.
Each year they amaze us as they pick out many of their favorite things. And
think of beautiful things to give. Like the year they included markers and paper.

Ah if only it could truly be a Season of GIVING not getting. If we asked for
nothing but gave everything.

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