Sunday, November 13, 2005

Put your money where mouth is

I always tell everyone that self care is paramount right now in the Great
Emergence. Maybe I don't talk about it enough on this blog I thought but
how boring is that to just talk about caring for yourself more? Plus it runs
the risk of sounding narcissistic as well. Primarily the only ones who need
to really work at this are the Lightworkers who serve everyone else in the
Universe but themselves. You know who you are. For them, saying ME FIRST
is a great challenge believe me. I've been working very hard at it for the
past year. My little mantra's are "The only person you need to worry about
is YOU!" So, in that vein I've done what I could on a budget that swings
wildly in the land of per diem. Doesnt' have to involve money but usually it
does! But it might be a quite long bath. Might be sleeping in when I could
be doing the mountains of laundry that mysteriously come from having young
children, or it might be finding more time for my goals.

One of my goals for more than 10 years is to lose the weight that I gained
from birthing my two beauties that are now 7 and 9. About to be 8 and 10.
It's time. I'll do whatever it takes. Amazing how just to get to the gym, I
constantly have to pull out the "ME first!" factor and STILL have difficulty
getting there. An errand pops up thats necessary for the household to survive,
a daugthers presentation, sons home sick, on and on it went. And so I chose
5:30 AM to get up for my workout! I did it for years when I work the morning
radio shows and woke everyone else up---I can do it again. COuldn't be any
worse then getting up with the barely 20 somethings who seem to have all the
answers and treat you as if you are geriatric at 35. So off I went last week.
Bleary eyed and sleepy but blissfully enjoying ooo whats that? Silence! I can hear
my thoughts! Perfect ME time! I even jacuzzied and sauna'd one day. Amazed
at how different this experience was from the one the other day
when I was swimming at the gym with the kids. I popped in to warm up in the
sauna and had my daughter saying "Adam's in here!" (boys aren't supposed to
be in ladies locker room) and having to end my 5 second respite to dry him up
and plop him in the locker room lobby until we were ready. This was serene!

Then I made another decision. Instead of going at it alone like a boat with no
oars-- I decided to give a personal trainer a try. I justified that the $40 rate
was easily spent on dog food treats, coloring markers, and other non essentials
on a weekly basis. Besides, it's not like I would need the trainer EVERY TIME
I went to the gym. That's a misnomer. So Becca met me on Friday. November 11.
11/11 is NEW BEGINNING in Numerology. I've moved on 11/11. Took a big
business trip on 11/11 (for which the wheels are STILL turning 3 years later!), its
always a day of action in my life. I didn't even know that was the date when I
booked it with her! Tomorrow I set off on the new plan of action. 60 minutes of
cardio every other day and 30 minutes cardio/30 minutes weights. Oh, I just
saw the time. 11:11! That's wild! Lots of AB exercizes too. Becca's a Pisces so
we'll work well together. And she's my goal weight. How's that for motivation?

Not that I want to
bore you with my plight but 60- 75 pounds to go is quite daunting. And it's
important for all of us to eat well right now and to get healthy. What good is it to
get to the other side of the chasm if we aren't physically healthy? Wish me luck.
First goal is 40 by 40. My 40th birthday is March 1st. Here's hoping I write that
I made it that day. Is all I want for my birthday. All I've every wanted for the last
10 birthdays. I just have to put ME first every day to pull it off.

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Hello from a fellow (mother of young children) Lightworker!!! :-)