Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oh the irony of it all

Can't believe it's been a week since I have written! Time flies when you
are workin AND workin out. Still at it. Some progress. Not in poundage
area but I am shrinking in inches :) Am so proud of myself for hauling
myself in there 4-5 times a week. One MONDAY morning it was 10 below
and 3-4 cars there- probably just staff. Need to recommit every day.
Week 5 this week.

I have stayed out of the growing debate over the use of "Merry Christmas"
or more specifically homogenizing the season into "Happy Holidays" and
"Seasons Greetings" but now cannot believe the swell that has occurred.

Where did it start? Is it a right wing Christian movement to turn attention
away from less flattering news and poll numbers in the Administration?
The cynic in me says yes but then that's just getting caught up in the political
duality as well. I try to stay neutral. It's safest there. But then again, I watch
the news and see a big press conference on the New Orleans levees. Hmmm.
What timing. Wag that Doggy. Okay- STOP! What about the poor souls
of the 9th ward who don't even have functioning infrastrure or shelter? Sigh.

Other part of me says its just the energy of duality that is so prevalent
everywhere right now and everyones getting caught up in it and taking sides.

But always remember here in the chasm ALWAYS REMEMBER:

It isn't so black and white.

Things aren't always what they seem.

It doesn't have to be all or nothing does it? I know many Jewish people
who aren't bothered by the term "Merry Christmas" at all. We certainly don't
need to go out of our way to be "inclusive" if they are not hollering for it. I highly
doubt Christmas is "In danger" of evaporating off the face of the Earth. But
certainly it COULD be lost in the commercialism. Christians are a part of that
commercialism are they not? Do they not choose to buy this that and the other
thing? If Christmas is evaporating its evaporating under the guise of a KMART
Christmas special on aisle 5 and Pumpkins being taken over by artificial trees
in October in Aisle 6. That's the threat. Not a "Seasons Greeting" sign that is
trying to be inclusive of all Faiths.

I myself am a Christian but I don't assume that its the end all and be all this time
of year. I try to teach my children the same. But in this region of the country
that is easier said then done. There are more Jewish people on my friend in
New Yorks BLOCK than the entire STATE of North Dakota. I'm not kidding you.
My children wouldn't even have ANY exposure to Hannukah if we didn't tell them.
But then again, they wouldn't know black people really do exist outside of their
history books and television if I didn't have a good friend
that happens to be African American. Honestly, the diversity here is next to none.

Not only is the "Happy Holidays" a national debate but a local one as well
as the local history museum changed their
December festival name from "Christmas on the Prairie" to "Holiday on the Prairie."
Again, doesn't mean when it was Christmas that non Christians weren't welcome. But
people don't take kindly to change. Still, seriously, is this worth debating over?

A woman came in to a packaging store that I was at said "How come you have
X-MAS on your sign out there! How come you just take Christ out of Christmas!" to the surprised clerk behind the counter.
"Well, I don't have that much room on the sign as you can see" He said. Adding
"And I don't remember askin'" She stomped off. So I did little research on this
recent nugget of energetic duality and found a real kicker.

X is an ancient symbol of Christ!

A friend told me laughing as I marveled at the debate. Yeah but maybe noone
KNOWS that I thought. But told my husband and
he said of course it is. Wasn't until recently that he had heard of the X as an abbreviation
angle- he always just saw it as another way of saying CHRISTmas. Amazingly ironic
isn't it? Could someone please tell O'Reilly factor and the rest of the spin machine?

Stay focused. Don't get caught up in the sneetches mentality. Especially not now at this
time of the season. The date ISNT Christs actual birthdate. The event did occur
according to most theologians of all religions- it's the divinity that's debated not His
existence. It isn't about this phrase or that phrase 4 weeks out of the year. It's rebirth. Its reflection.
Same as the rest- Hannukah. Ramadan. It's a spirit that can last year round if you
let it. So don't worry about words. Or phrases. Just BE Christmas. All year round.
Be loving and Be kind. That means more to Christ than any words. Support others
that exemplify the same. Charities. Causes. Good people who are kind without even
giving it any thought. A dentist who doesn't hassle you about your bill. (They do exist!)
Someone who says something kind often to you at work. Something your spouse always
does that you appreciate so much. Hello Moon! The Spirit can strike you when you
least expect it. And its all in how you CHOOSE to view it. So don't get caught up in
silly debates. Because if you are Christian, nothing can take Christ OUT of Christmas.
Nothing. And if you are Christian you should LOVE all others- all religions- all your brothers
and sisters. Bicker less. Smile more. It is a Wonderful Life.

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