Thursday, January 05, 2006

Rumble Rumble Shift Shift

Feels like our energetic "plates" are shifting immensely right now causing quite the tremor. With the Abramahoff investigations- - Sharon own investigation whether valid or not-SHaron has stroke- now questions are raised about treatment in hospital on heels if his own political fundraising investion in addition there has been very little attention paid to death of Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum vice president, prime minister and ruler of Dubai. I'm very detatched from it all but like to follow what resonates and post here and keep you up to date with the energy news news. Tie this into the recent NASARA movement ( picking up steam/momentum and its no wonder everyone is energetically running amuk- badheadaches... scattered forgetfulllness- inability to sleep or sleeping more than usual, upset stomachs, eating habits changed, etc.
XXXOO Hang in there! Here's latest- from and mostly

- Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a massive stroke in the back of an ambulance while on an hourlong trip to a Jerusalem hospital, raising a host of questions about his treatment. Why wasn't he flown to the hospital or at least driven to one closer to his home? Did doctors take an unnecessary risk by treating him with blood thinners after he had a mild stroke two weeks ago? Did they wait too long to schedule a heart procedure designed to prevent another stroke? And perhaps most important: Could political pressures have colored his treatment?

Sharon investigated for illegal funding Opposition calls for resignation as Israeli prime minister is accused of lying to the police about source of $1.5m
Israel's state attorney is investigating Ariel Sharon in connection with an allegation that he lied to the police about the source of $1.5m (£930,000) used to repay illegal campaign funds.
The latest financial scandal to touch Mr Sharon, whose party is reeling from a spate of allegations about vote-buying and organised crime as it approaches a general election in three weeks, came to light after the justice ministry asked the South African authorities for help in tracking the money.
Papers sent to the South Africans indicate that Mr Sharon and his two sons, Omri and Gilad, may be open to charges of fraud, deception and lying to the police.
The investigation was prompted by a wartime comrade of the prime minister's living in Cape Town being said to have handed over the $1.5m to rescue Mr Sharon from a financial crisis.
The prime minister's advisers dismissed the allegation as an election ploy to discredit him. The opposition obliged by calling for the prime minister's resignation. Mr Sharon's response was to order the attorney general to root out the source of the leak to the newspaper Ha'aretz.
The investigation looks back to Mr Sharon's campaign for the Likud party leadership four years ago, which paved the way for him to become prime minister.
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was fighting for his life at a Jerusalem hospital Thursday after a massive stroke left him in a coma and sent surgeons scrambling to revive him in successive overnight surgeries.
A brain scan after a seven-hour emergency surgery showed "massive" bleeding in his brain had been stopped, and Sharon was transferred to the intensive care unit, said Dr. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, the director of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, where Sharon was being treated. "Sharon could be sedated for up to three days," he said.
"Sharon fell ill at his ranch Wednesday evening and was rushed to hospital. Doctors began emergency surgery about midnight that lasted throughout the night.
He was returned to the operating room Thursday after a brain scan revealed he required more treatment following "massive, wide-spread" bleeding in his brain.
Wednesday's surgery apparently had been complicated by blood thinners he had been given following a mild stroke on Dec. 18, and the medication may also have contributed to Wednesday's stroke.

Vice Premier Ehud Olmert was named acting prime minister and given a beefed-up security detail. He met with key members of Sharon's staff early Thursday and convened the Cabinet for a special session at 9 a.m. (0700 GMT). Close Sharon associates said they did not expect the prime minister to return to office.
Sheikh Maktoum laid to rest
Jan 5, 2006 - 01:06 -
Dubai, Jan. 5th, 2006 (WAM) - In a solemn funeral, the United Arab Emirates bade farewell to Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum who died yesterday and was laid to rest today at Umm Hurair cemetery.President H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan performed funeral prayer for the soul of Sheikh Maktoum, Also performing the prayer were Their Highnesses the Supreme Council Members and Rulers of the Emirates, Crown Princes, Deputy Rulers, heads of states and delegations from Arab and Islamic countries

Sheikh Mohammed Takes Over as Ruler of Dubai after Sheikh Maktoum's Death
Philadelphia Newspaper

QUICK ethics quiz: What's the difference between a crony and a criminal?
A crony is one who gets by with a little help from his friends in high places. A criminal is a crony whose finds that his friends are in places too high for him to reach when he comes to trial.
David H. Safavian, who rode his connections to become the Bush administration's procurement chief, may find that those important numbers he has on speed dial have been changed just when he needs them most.
He was just a crony until federal agents treated him like a criminal this week. He headed a bureaucracy that is responsible for billions of dollars in procurements even though his most remarkable achievement in that field was managing to procure a paycheck twice a month.
Safavian was arrested on charges unrelated to his procurement duties. The FBI says he lied to federal investigators in the 18-month investigation of ultimate administration insider, lobbyist Jack Abramahoff.
That may not sound like a big thing. But it was enough to earn Martha Stewart and Lil' Kim some slammer time.
Fortunately, Safavian got busted before allegations about him cast a shadow on the quick procurement work the administration is doing for the people of the flood-ravaged Gulf region and for a few well-connected firms.
These are firms like Bechtel Corp., which is an awardee of a Gulf cleanup contract worth up to $100 million, and Halliburton-KBR, formerly run by Vice President Dick Cheney, and the Shaw Group. KBR and the Shaw group, both awardees of multi-million dollar Gulf coast contracts, are represented by Joe Allbaugh, President Bush's former campaign manager.
Allbaugh, who ran FEMA before turning it over to his college roommate Michael "Nice Job, Brownie" Brown, insists there is no connection between his representation of the two firms and their contracts.
He may be right. Not all of the hogs at the feeding trough are friends of the Bush administration. AshBritt, a company who "won" a $568.3 million debris- hauling contract, is a client of the lobbying firm founded by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour.
They all bear watching. Bechtel, which has a board larded with former high-ranking federal officials, is being investigated for its part in multi-million-dollar cost overruns at Boston's "Big Dig." KBR is the same firm that charged the government $100 a bag for laundry it did in support of our troops in the Persian Gulf.
Halliburton, which has made $9 billion for services in the Middle East, has been cited in a Pentagon audit with $100 million in questionable or unwarranted charges on its Middle East and Balkans contracts.
With up to $200 billion in government contracts to be awarded in the rebuilding of the Gulf coast, you'd think the auditors who get paid to watch the till would be given the support of a grateful administration.
But Bunnatine Greenhouse, former chief contracting officer for the Army Corps of Engineers, got demoted for complaining about no-bid contracts in Iraq.
Comptroller General David M. Walker feels insulated by the fact that the agency he runs, the Government Accounting Office, is an independent bureaucracy.
Asked to comment on the possibility that some of the $200 billion in anticipated federal funding for the Gulf coast cleanup could be lost to fraud, waste and abuse, he minced no words.
"There already has been," fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement, he said.
A lot of cronies may get to be criminal by the time this money gets spent.

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