Saturday, February 11, 2006

Anti Walmart movie spin

I want to preface this posting by reiterating that I
want no part of the political rhetoric and duality that currently is so
prevalent in our American media and water cooler chat. I generally shy
away on writing anything that could pull that bad juju mix of energy in.

So that being said, I naively emailed my deeply conservative brother about
the Walmart documentary facts as a suggestion for his talk show. He
emailed me back that it's full of lies---and to check out
Byron York of National Review's article about it. I was confused.
What would be the point of that? But I wanted to see for myself
and read some of Byrons articles. Filmmaker Robert Greenwald happens
to be an activist liberal. So immediately that brings up the duality dance
I suppose. But really, in watching the film, I felt Greenwald was quite
neutral in his approach. I didn't feel it was a political attack at all
(see Farenheit 9/11) and honestly aside from a mention of the staggering
amount of Federal subsidies given to Walmart nationwide without so much
as a mention of the current Presidents name, I didn't feel there was anything
political whatsoever in the message. Further, Byrons article lashes out at
the "false claims" in the film. Why? Well, The filmmakers feature
a store owner of H &H hardware who's store apparently went out of business
3 months BEFORE Walmart arrived. Okay. So?..... 3 MONTHS. Not 3 Years.
Maybe clever editing did make it seem to be simultaneous to the
Walmart opening but it was only implied not falsely stated. Further,
Greenwald says the banker said H & H had been devalued so sharply due to
the fact that the "Walmart was coming." Can't get any more clear than that
now can you?

Even stranger than their lack of a point is the fact that this store owner who
personally talks about his business suffering in the film is
now speaking out against the makers of the film to say "Well, they had their
agenda and I don't really agree with it etc" Well, with all due respect who WAS
that man then speaking throughout the film about how much it had hurt his
community? It's as if someone got to this man or the political
duality got him to pick a side and change his tune. Either way- NOTHING
I've read bashing the film has changed my mind. I still will never shop there.

Besides, how do they all feel about the sweat shop workers in China
who get 18 cents an hour? It's an important film. Watch it.

Another FOX Attack On Robert Greenwald's WalMart Film
Robert Greenwalds film Wal Mart- The High Cost Of Low Price has opened this week with over 7,000 screenings nationally and internationally. Held in private homes, community centers, churches and neighborhood pubs, there have been reports of record turnouts everywhere. Last night Byron York, National Review, joined Brit Hume on Special Report to discredit the documentary. 11/15/05

Here is a transcript of Hume interviewing York about what he discovered during his investigation of the film. York claimed that the story told about H&H Hardware was not true despite what the owner of the business said in the film.

Jim Gilliam, the Producer, had this statement in response to York's allegations.
It's actually quite difficult to pin a store closing directly on Wal-Mart. It can be argued over again and again what was the real and true cause for the store closing. But this story was incredibly clear cut, and a poignant example of the Wal-Mart effect. The Hunters were preparing for Wal-Mart's arrival, and seeking a loan to compete... they went to the bank, who devalued their property and wouldn't do it... their reason? When Wal-Mart comes to town, there will end up being a bunch of empty stores that no one can sell.. So the bank actually SAID it was because of Wal-Mart.. doesn't get any more direct than that. The Hunters weren't even given the chance to compete. The mere annoucement of a new Wal-Mart is enough to shut businesses down.
comment: Wal Mart will spend millions trying to fight the Greenwald film but it will be money down the drain. Wal Mart-The High Cost Of Low Price will will not dissappear in a few months because Robert Greenwald has started a movement that will continue while he moves on to the next project.
Jill St. John

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