Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Going to repost the Energy update as its really a
Jan-Feb-March energy update.
Worth rereading again.
Energy is moving so fast one day blends in to another!
Just watched the documentary on Walmart
"High cost of Low prices"---plenty
to post about that in the coming days!
New to our video store and probably yours
I urge you to rent it. Some great movement in this regard
with the Enron
documentary and course the fast food documentary
"Super Size Me" in seeing
just how deceitful the collective consciousness can become.
I emailed my brother, who
does a highly visible radio talk show, all the facts
on the Walmart movie that are
shown throughout and posted on the web site
www.walmartmovie.com and he
said it's full of lies. I'll investigate link he gave me
more out of curiousity of how conservatives can spin this one!
TV movement includes great shows like Medium based on
the gifts of Allison Dubois, Ghost Whisperer featuring James Van Praaghs stories,
Supernatural and more. More on that to come but meantime, thanks to all of
you who are stopping by :) I have a location track here at the G.E. no counter or
anything else but am always amazed at how Universal the message is. Reaching
India, Israel, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland
and more. Let me just say I send you much love and gratitude for stopping by!
If you have something specific and energy related that you would like me to write
about or see here at the GE- email me at betweenthelight@hotmail.com

Peace be with you! Jill

Winter 2006 Energy Upate: channeled by Barbara Stabiner Jan. 2006.

"We realize that you as well as many others are going through an anxiety provoking time from your perspective in time. It is not our perspective in our time to get through your befuddlement's. Be aware that the DNA process, of which you call reincarnation , is but those memories that have been in the in the cells of time activating from lifetime to lifetime IS the problems of which you face today. Finishing up all those lifetimes is not an easy task. All things now should clear soon enough and be out in the open to those who are sensitive enough to feel these energies and get better from this point timeless now. We are but in the crossroads between old injuries and new lessons and creating all those things that you never dreamed possible. Remember, the lesson of men is one of healing through letting go. Every human has limitations on what they can or will do. Not everyone will bike ride with a helmut on or adhere to safety rules. As everyone has or uses different talents and abilities do you have to close onself off of the myriad of possibilities that can still be attainable? You just have to WANT to use different dance steps! We need to remind you that this has been the bondage to your own fears and self- limitations that need to be banished.You shall feel a surge of temporary relief from some of your problem situations and even distance from some people. This is a graduation of some vibrational adjustment in the weighing and balancing of new thought processes. This is not even the time to solve everything that has gone awry. It is a period of respite that enables you to gain a better perspective of what faces you, and you might find out it may not be as bad as you feel now.There is no sacrifice to be called to. You are merely feeling forced to recognize the necessity of change. Doesn't it involve letting go of one thing to gain another? Whether this concerns personal relationships/personal growth...it may be the time to relinquish some of your old long cherished dreams as whatever you have processed, may not, at this time, be ultimately what you want now. In other words, there may have been times that you wanted something and they did not happen. Currently, it now may come through perhaps in a different way and in a way as the energies are shifting, you no longer want it. This period (of time) has to filter out over the next few months and run it's course.The winding road to February shall sparkle with feelings of recogniton of what must be done, Then..get it done! The pores shall open to the new air we breathe, a song we may hear and slowly the spirit has lifted. Life has always been a continuance of time and experiences but now a rush to do and have all that is needed in those new pictures you are painting in your mind. It is not necessarily the pastels but the brilliance of colors to feel in your refreshed tempo. The dance of life comes next. From HOPELESS, HAZY, HAPPY,HONORS, HARMONY..HELLO? Anybody listening? This is true HEAVEN! To name a few HOW'S... How does grass grow? It is seeded from the pollen and placed where you are wanting it fertilized and green with heavenly dew. It is up to you to bless it and take care for all your gardens as they do grow without the weeds"God bless..........© 2006 Barbara Stabiner. All rights reserved.You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media so long as you credit the author, include the copyright notice

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