Saturday, March 11, 2006

Amazingly big shift

Received this just yesterday from someone from Mass. it's from South Africa. I've passed along to Lightworkers on my list- please copy and do the same. Sorry I didn't have longer notice but still much time left in the day and even in next few days to take just a few moments ---

Dear Friends:
Please forgive and bear with me for sending this message to you all, but I feel this is so important.
Come March 11th there will be an amazingly big shift, the largest since 1999. Earth has requested that we help this shift to happen smoothly and peacefully. It is a time of great polarization and there are some difficult squares and oppositions in astrological Terms around this date.The energy that the planet will hold after the shift is the energy of opportunity which seems to me to mean that anything we have been wanting or planning for but have felt stuck and unmoving will suddenly move. That it will be much easier to create, so be a little more careful about what you want/ask for. It is an exciting time and really is full of opportunity.On the date in question, 11th March, at a time you feel or sense is the right time, please stand quietly, if possible, near water - a stream, river, the sea, a lake etc. or if you cannot then have a bowl of water next to you. Let the energy come through you and into the earth, feel it as it passes through you. As you anchor it into the earth you will know when it is time to s top.
If you have been standing in water - great, but if not, then immediately go and put your hands in the water whether it is the sea or A bowl of water. Pour the bowl of water onto the earth after you have put your hands in it. The more bodies this new energy can go through to be anchored, the easier it will be for all humankind to absorb this energy safely and peacefully. Water is a carrier and so putting a part of your body which is carrying this energy into the water helps the energy to spread and anchor.You know I don't request you do such things normally, but this time I have to put my neck on the line and say that this is very, very important. If you don't believe in such things as shifts in energy on the planet, moving us towards higher and finer frequencies, please do this anyway on the 11th, you have nothing to lose except 10 minutes of your time.It will be very interesting to see what happens on planet Earth and in our own private lives after we have anchored in this energy. Hope I have not caused any inconvenience, look forward to connecting with you on the 11th.Much, much love - Pat

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