Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gut wrenching

Making rumbles this week is the new "Loose Change" production
with shocking, gut wrenching evidence pointing to our Government
staging the attacks of 9/11. 1:21 minutes of non stop research
and documented evidence from every angle. From years leading
up to the attacks. To the Pentagon. To the Twin Towers. To the
flight 93. I was deeply saddened. Was not loosely based and
vindictive as I felt Farenheit 9-11 was. While bold and brave of
Micheal Moore to put that our there in the culture of "The War
on Terror" much of it lacked hard facts substance. This one is
chilling in its breadth of research. Soon after watching it I saw an
action alert that lobbyists are working to privatize the Internet!
This is the #1 Googled video. Perhaps those involved do
not want you or I to see it. But I urge you to see it and make your
own conclusions. I always try to remain neutral but will say after
viewing it the theory is most certainly worthy of debate and in
fact at least unfortunately plausible. Many wise Ascended Masters
speaking through the clear and gifted say that many in our
Government are Illuminati with Marshal Law on their minds.
But that they are losing and will soon be defeated. Nevertheless
its bound to be an energy quake-filled summer

Vibrations are such now that TRUTH is all that is sustainable as we tweek
ever so closer to the New Reality of Love and Peace. Much is
surfacing in our lives and in our world that is painful but will also
remove all illusions. Truth will eventually set us all free.
I ask that you watch it. And to send prayers of healing to our
beloved Country to continue to pursue TRUTH even in it's darkest
moments. To be brave, to face it, survive it and become wiser and
better for it. But do not run and hide. Send it your friends and
their friends and then keep an open eye in the coming months.
Godspeed. Do not ever lose sight of the Vision of Heaven on Earth.
In Peace, Jill

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