Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Have a giving heart

There is a particular theme I continue to notice as the chasm grows larger
and deeper. One of the greatest "fault lines" as I've said before appears
to be economically with the ol' have and have nots. Each side growing more
exaggerated- meaning the Have's have more as you'll see by reading on
here at the GE and equally if not more exaggerated is that the have not's
have less and less. In order to create more of a balance on Earth and to
truly achieve "On Earth as it is in Heaven" existence in the New Earth we
are all being called to give more. No matter our economic situation. If that
is the single biggest code to the New Earth how do you like our chances I asked
my husband. Not too good he replied. This is speaking from the United
States in a very strong, growing community in the Midwest. Robust in fact.
And the expanding condition of "Affluenza" that persists more and more in
children growing up in prevelance of Affluenza.
The mere fact that psychologists are calling "Affluenza" (the pursuit of MORE)
an epidemic yet you probably have not even HEARD of it shows how difficult
this task will be for humanity. After all, the pursuit of
happiness is all to often linked to Capitalism and Capitalism is built upon a
foundation of "MORE AT ALL COSTS"
Coming also from a personal viewpoint of extreme hardship for more than
14 years for a variety of reasons related to our professions,
we've never had the luxury of suffering from Affluenza. If you can call it a luxury.
Years ago I'd say it was a luxury to have more. Or to not have to worry about
paying my bills. That my lack of this or that was a burden and more often lately
it feels like a gift. A gift for the simplicity and altruism it brings to myself and
our childrens lives. A gift that allows me to express my complete and total
surrender and trust to Source. For years on end! Humility in hardship brings
you to your complete core of all that matters! And lately, more and more
it seems it's tuly a curse that is upon America's wealthy.
This incessant desire of the HAVE's wanting more and more
to compete in the next league "up" from them."
Keeping up with the Jones" has gotten very pricey in the United States.
And while I don't believe simply being wealthy
is evil by any means. Spirit does show me the blind spots and the difficulty
the HAVES will have reaching across to the other side of the chasm.
It will continue to be a theme I watch closely and post about.
There will be other fault lines in Medicine, Politics (we're already
seeing that emerge), Law, Education, Media and Religion.
But for now this is the one that is presenting itself to me through Spirit.
IF you are in an obvious state of Abundance- Examine your giving heart.
Do you give at all to anyone family or
otherwise who has less than you? Do you give to feel better or less guilty?
Or do you give to help the recipient? Do you pretend to know what's
best for those who have less or to relate to them in any way? Or do you
accept that you have no idea what their suffering must be but you just
desire to try to make it better? Do you fall into the trap of elitism or
entitlement-- "I work hard and deserve to be pampered"

If you are uncomfortable giving more or losing the status quo of your
abundance you will have a very bumpy road
ahead and the gorges will grow nearly insurmountable to the other side of the
chasm. At what cost do you strive to ATTAIN or MAINTAIN? What are your
goals in life and how do they relate to more materialism?

If you think you are too poor to give...don't be too quick to kick
back and think you can coast on over.
If you are a have not- you do not get a free ticket.
You too will need to examine what it is YOU can give to those further behind you.
Can you give more? Do you desire to give more?

A friend of my husbands once said back when they were in their 20s
"I want to be a millionare!" to
which my husband replied "I want enough" If you want more ask yourself,
WHY? How much is enough? If you are fortunate enough to be an owner of
a business or offer a service-How much do you charge for your
services? What is your motive for what you charge? Is it affluence? Is it
merely relating to your competitors? Is it ego? IF your service is of a healing nature or
any NEED nature for that matter (such as a plumber, a mechanic, a dentist,
a doctor, childcare) do you or would you ever consider charging LESS? If you
employ people do you ever consider their livelihood? How many mouths they
have to feed or do you only think about finding someone cheaper? Do you pay
them the least you are allowed to for your area or do you pay them by the value
they are to your company and by what you are capable of handling fairly for the
work they do? We all have work to do. Spirit is telling me so. It's all on our
shoulders to create balance and do our part. Would we all work harder at it if
we knew it would be the single biggest deciding factor on crossing over the chasm
to the New Earth- Heaven on Earth- or staying behind in another reality...this
reality that we are currently in that may continue to depreciate and deteriorate?
It's up to you to choose. Heaven on Earth- Christ returning in consciousness
or left behind without "getting it", without a massive shift in our capacity
for generosity?
I will not worry about others- it's not for me to judge. I just observe.
But I will continue to examine myself and my life.
I've always gotten great joy from giving and have passed it
on to my children. I've also taught them in the all too often times when we've
struggled or when we have little- how wealthy we truly
are compared to families in other countries that have no food, no electricity, let
alone a house and 2 cars! We live in a wealthy area, they go to a private school
(on scholarship), so they need to be reminded of this often as from their perspective
they feel "poor" and I continually educate them that no, globally speaking you are
indeed quite wealthy. We donate our clothes, our toys, and our time as we are
able. Now I don't want a gold star for that- in fact I need to do more. And more
and more I see that and am acting on it. Spirit is showing me that this is truly
going to be the greatest fault line in the chasm in the coming months and year.
I can't tell you what to do certainly. Or as I've been accused of: "Beat you with my
Light!" Not even absolute Truth can be forced. It must be Learned.
But I can tell you it will be so much more joyful and indeed
preferrable to be in line with Spirit. I have visions of being in the sun,
protected from a great and vast storm. Humanity must change it's views
to create a balance and to eliminate poverty and suffering. It starts with one.
And blossoms out from there. Look with clear eyes, pure heart and keen ears
and Spirit will show you. In your community,
in your state, in your country and globally. NOW. It has to start somewhere.
SO start with you. Examine your generosity and giving heart.

"It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man
to enter the kingdom of God" (Matthew 19:24).

In Peace- Jill

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