Friday, June 02, 2006

Weed out your mental garden NOW!!

Melchizedek's Message to You
BY: Carol Manetta

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Date Published: 2006-05-27
Taking yourself lightly is a gift from you to the Universe. Your self focus is tainted when you fear the unknown and seize the opportunity to dwell on the outcome of events and of things. "Seize the day" means to take whatever comes and think not of how it can hurt or anger you. Your inner torments are not justified in this lifetime of virtue on the planet. This time is nearing that your hearts will be filled with joy instead of sorrow. Dwell on the moment of nurturing yourself for the purpose of rendering all fear aside and not within. Destiny proves that you are coming to an end of an era of darkness. Stay in tune, so to speak, with your inner harmony, and your days on earth shall come to a conclusion with joy in your heart. Planning is not dwelling on outcome. Planning is a virtuous way of dealing with the present for the outcome of focus on the present. In other words, the outcome of planning is dealing with the KNOWN, not fearing the unknown. Take for instance, the plan to build a bridge. Is it not to justify the travel across a river? You see the river and KNOW that your intentions are to cross to the other side. The plan, then, is to make certain your known intention is fulfilled. If it is your destiny to use another method to cross the river, then the outcome will be one of building a boat or canoe, or raft, or airplane. Your heart determines the outcome in any project. If you envision, so to speak, an outcome of primarily dangerous excursions across that same river, you will surely call out to the Universe to help you drown. If you have confidence that your other methods are not only safe, but joyful treks across water, then the Universe fulfills that request of the heart. Match your desires with outcomes carefully, for the planning has a determined outcome based on your desires of the heart, be they wonderful or awful in fear. Keep a journal of the mind, so to speak, on your thoughts about a particular, for instance. Do you fear the dearth of monies in your wallet or bank? So, then, the Universe provides this for you. Do you sing the wealth song in your heart? If so, the money flows with impunity to your pocket. Keep this in mind as you make a mental note of your thoughts on this topic. It may seem silly to some to keep this journal of the mind, but as you tend to your garden of thoughts, do you attract the weeds that you fear? Do you cast them out with the lovely thoughts of a well tended nature? Most humans are yet to be aware of the tawdry tales of their own thinking. We on this side of the "veil" are aware and wish for your fulfillment of pleasant thoughts. Soon enough you will create instantly from your thoughts. Your journey of wanting will be over. Your best thoughts will place you on the road to creation of wealth and happiness. Practice these thoughts over and over for their manifestation is ni gh. Keep guard over untoward thoughts, for these will manifest instantly as well. You will be amazed at such outcomes. Blessings abound for those whose lips touch heaven with the beauty of forthcoming visions and thoughts. Stay in harmony each day and night and see that heaven waits for you to remember who you really are, those in careful thinking, and those who create with those thoughts and dreams. Begin your journey of creation awareness carefully, and you will be joy-filled beyond your imagination. And so it

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