Saturday, July 15, 2006

7 truths

The Seven Truths
In light of all the changes we have experienced in our world since the happenings of September 11th, I feel strongly that we must stop... and affirm certain truths. In affirming these truths, we consciously begin the stabilization of the energy of the world within us, thereby stabilizing the energetic spheres in the world around us.
Truth # 1 We are great, powerful and mighty spiritual beings of light living in a physical world with dignity, direction, and purpose.
Truth # 2 We choose to come here as a 'force of one' in order to make changes for the betterment of humanity, knowing that we are capable of making a real difference. Each of us has designed our life with as many obstacles and challenges as we could create along with a variety of options and possibilities to overcome those same challenges. Remember this my friends, we can never become a great sea captain if you only sail calm waters… Be proud that most of us have chosen to sail our ships in the North Atlantic in winter or during typhoon season in the South China Seas!

Truth #3 We were chosen to come here. What this means is that a great, divine, and infinitely loving Force trusts and believes we will achieve the goal we were sent to accomplish. We will do this in the namesake of what we personally hold Divine. I firmly believe that very few of us ever fail this part of the life mission.

Truth #4 We all possess an abundance of gifts and talents. One vital aspect of living this life is to discover and develop the wisest use these talents in order to produce the greatest possible potential for good.

Truth # 5 We chose to be alive at this time, at this place and at this point in history. Never before have we had such a glorious opportunity to display our individual power and presence. Think of this, when someone gives us a gift it is called a present. The present we have been given today is the NOW. This is the exact moment to truly know that we can make the difference.

Truth #6 There is a world that we existed in before we came into this one. It was beautiful. It was safe. It was all embracing. The foundation of that world is that we are loved, cherished, and considered precious.

Truth # 7 There is a world that exists after this one. In fact, it is the same world we left to come here. What we leave in this world, is the uniqueness of our divine mark. And what we take with us into the next world is the understanding of how and why this divine mark was our unique destiny.Friends, if we are able to keep these simple truths in proper perspective, what we will discover is that life is truly an adventure. Sometimes our adventure is filled with love, sometimes hardship. Sometimes we are either seeking or giving forgiveness. But the adventure is always about growing and unfolding.In closing, I ask that you never lose faith in your own divinity. And please be conscious of this secret: the goal of life is to learn compassion. Webster's Unabridged Dictionary defines compassion in the following way, " a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering." Now, with this in mind, look around you everyone and you will see that your purpose is easily definable. Simply put compassion in action into your everyday life. And I would like to plant this seed from, Jewels for the Soul ,by Kathryn M. Peters:The Power of PeaceWhen I sustain only thoughts of love, I open myself to the experience of peace beyond measure. My day may be decorated in an eclectic showcase of people and circumstances that either help to focus or distract me. Yet, my daily mission is to bring the peace and compassion of Spirit into every situation I encounter.Affirmation"Connecting my mind with the compassion of Divine Mind guarantees me the power of peace."With purpose,
Dannion Brinkley

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