Monday, September 11, 2006

THIS is definition of National Emergency?

This is the Republican definition of a national emergency?

Great job by Rep. Slaughter of pointing to bills that aim to make most wealthy in our nation wealthier as chasm grows larger and the non-wealthy get further and further squeezed. Have and Have nots. And while I do not like to get into the polarity energy of Politics (Sneetches: see Dr. Seuss star bellies story) I do wish to celebrate the brave ones who are now in the higher energies arriving- holding their Truth sword high! You Go Girl! But with all the truths that are surfacing we still have to do our own part and speak up. On the one hand, everyone's entitled to believe what they believe. It's wasted energy if you feel otherwise. Because try as you might... you cannot force even abolute Truth on anyone. That being said it doesn't create many waves or even a ripple if you just talk with one person or vent with a few friends. You need to speak up and take action. Write to your congressman and senators. Organize a Peace rally. Be involved for change. Be a beacon of truth so others can find their way on their own.

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