Monday, October 30, 2006

Hello again- REVISED Oct/Nov

Hello again from the brisk fall afternoon of Fargo, North Dakota
U.S.A. where there is a winter storm warning for this afternoon
and we sit and watch the green leaves, flowers and plants. We
wonder as always if it's agood-bye for a long winters night or
two or three or hundred. It's always
bittersweet but we keep our hearts warm by putting out hopes
for a warm enough day to sled, and a white enough arrival for Santa
Claus, and El Nino to warm our winds.

I don't know where to begin as it has been quite a month. No doubt
for all of you as well. I must first however say a warm how ya doin?
to Bettendorf,Iowa and Regina, Saskatachewan. My only 2 regulars.
I am glad you enjoy it here and I remind you I do have my comments
open so you may post your feelings from time to time. Sure would
prefer it to be crowded, comfortable place here around the table rather
than a lone wolf lonely chat in the shower! Much like Rosie O Donnels
question page. go to 'read the answers' and enjoy the
free flowing back and forth exchange much like the energy today.

October hit me with a wallop like all the rest of the months do these
days it's just this time I was forced to face it like it or lump it. I was at
my son and daughters school fall program for 3rd-5th grade "The Emperor's
New clothes" and despite swollen lymph nodes on left side of my neck that
I had gone to the walk clinic and had gotten Antibiotics for and feeling
really tough, I trudged out for the 2nd show with my son. My husband
had caught the early show and was at work, and my daughter had a role
on stage as "The Style Minister" but it was just me and my younger son
who sang in it for the night version. She was at the school super early to
get dressed and get styled! I wouldn't miss it for anything.

I had swollen lymph nodes on my neck and a sore throat and had been in
to the walk in clinic earlier. It didn't resolve anything other than
persisting for hm to get me some anti-biotics at least. I had been up all
night and the nodes- in my NECK (that's a first) really hurt.

By the time we got to the night performance and only a little bit before
my left eye was getting difficult to close and watery and the left side
of my face was droopy. LONG story short I went back in to the ER
after the performance and tried not to have fear. Fear that I may be
allergic to the anti-biotics they gave me. Not fear of stroke- it hadn't
even crossed my mind thankfully until the DR. first words were
"Well, you didn't have a stroke" PHEW. They are unsure as they
had never seen lymph nodes that swollen down the neck. But they feel
it was classic Bells Palsy.

All I know it was hard not to be scared. And that I certainly didn't
manifest that! (Yes, that's a slam on the run of New Agey we are what
we thinks. Some of them valid. Some of them narrowminded.)

But I read up on it. He prescribed me anti-viral and steroid medication
to the list and I rested as best a mother can with 2 children in football,
basketball, and dance.

That was 2 weeks.

Then we proceeded to have a 7 year case resolve badly. And my daughter
broke her hand and it was slow to heal and went from brace to a cast
and several visits to a bone specialist.

Then we found out their health coverage had lapsed unbeknownst to us
and it would take several months to resolve it if ever.

Pretty glad to see the month over.

We are all experiencing the big PUSH.

Which is only reason why I share my story.

You are not alone. We are not alone in this.

Just release ALL fear.

Leave the past where it belongs. IN the past.

ALL non material things. Especially thought forms and feelings.

And all material things that no longer serve you.

See the cliff.

Then jump.

Jump with the sun on your face

and the wind beneath you.

Cushioning the fall.

And there will be no fall.

You'll just surf on over the chasm.

Enjoyed serving those less fortunate again

This Thanksgiving

Remember giving heals the soul.

Yours and those you give to.

Great holiday!

Since Gratitude IS the Attitude.

For Grace in All Things.

Thanks to the EDGE magazine for getting the GE published.

The "Make a Rainy Day Bright" article from some time ago

that only my 2-3 regular readers might know of made it

in their November issue.

Peace be with you.

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