Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Good in Goodbye

Excellent stuff here--- these are the cornerstones of what we are being asked to clear and release in these amazing times of Emergence. Check out what patterns you have in your life
that keep popping up and where you being "hit" right now and chances are it involves a
category below. Read it. Feel it. DO it. Release it. Now and Forever. Amen! jill

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The Good in Goodbye

Self Doubt - I tell you good-bye. I know that your presence within me has caused my intuition to have to sleep on the couch. Doesn't work anymore. Intuition is moving into the suite in which you somehow were mistakenly assigned. I need you to pack your things now and leave. Be sure and take every shred of second guessing with you cause we won't be using it.

Lack - I know you've held one of the prime rooms with a view in my world but we are now in the process of extensively remodeling and your beliefs no longer fit into the new d├ęcor. I have to let you go. Resilience, unlimited possibility and the experience of thriving have all teamed up to do my Extreme Soul Makeover. On your way out, please don't forget to take any and all unworthiness with you sense it doesn't go with any of the new choices.

Blame - Gosh, it's been fun not taking responsibility and all but you know, that is just so last paradigm. I've really discovered that the light in others and in the world does exist. It's just that with you, the drapes were always drawn. Personal responsibility and owning my projections have given me the vitality I had as a child. I really need room for them to grow now and get reacquainted with their original surroundings. Part of me would like to keep in touch but I feel it's best to make a clean break. Ciao.

Illness - You've been so faithful, showing up season after season - the only one who could really get me to stop. But now, I think I've found a better companion to spend my time with - Balance. I adore the permission you gave me to slow down - but I'm ready to try it without all the congestion, diagnosis and emotional despair. I believe Balance is healthier for me and I feel like I'm ready for a long term commitment.

Disappointment - Ah, you and I, well, we've certainly been around and back. You were the one who tried to first protect me from how awful the world can be and how undependable people are. It was you who sat while I had my first good cry. Yet, I have to say, I'm just not feeling it anymore with you. Since you pal around with Blame and Self Doubt so much, I don't see how we can continue seeing each other. How do I know you won't try to bring them along? Besides, I hear there's a new world out there - one that gives you what you focus on and I'd like to go exploring with a new friend named Fulfillment. Auf Wiedersehen.

Shame - What are you doing here? I told you to get out years ago. Well, aren't you the sneaky little devil. Security!!!! Resentment - Gosh, can I be honest? You have GOT to go on a diet. You are simply too heavy for me to tote around - especially when you want to hang out in my heart. I'm impressed by all the names, dates and events that you have meticulously catalogued inside of you but it's simply getting to be too much. I hear Forgiveness is in - light, breezy, almost Zen-like and it just seems to appeal more to my new found sensibilities. Despair - We're sorry. You have reached an attitude that is no longer in service. Please check the owner of the attitude and try again. We're sorry. You have reached an attitude that is no longer in service. Please check the owner of the attitude and try again. We're sorry...

~c2006 Rev. David Ault~

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