Thursday, December 14, 2006


Greetings! Quite a slew of activity in Emergence land! I hope
this finds you coping well. Added sleep is DEFINETLY
necessary. Have quite a few postings on the subject of the
12/12 energy moving forward to the Winter solstice on 12/22
but for now just wanted to inform you on the National Media
Reform Conference in January. I have been following the
subject for some time and as you may know - I spent 21 years
in radio in large and medium markets. I saw single person
owners fade away- including my father- as Clear Channel
gobbled up stations nationwide and downsized and corporatized
our most precious local medium- radio. Now, as a professional
voice I am a bit more detatched careerwise but I continue to
follow the latest developments as it is most certainly an
extremely critical issue from the chasm currently 2nd only to
Global Warming. It's wonderful to see the Light coming in
to this Conference as it continues to grow in momentum!
Even if you are unable to attend, I encourage you to click on
the banner ad below to read further about it. If you are so
fortunate to receive FSTV as we are on Dish (Free Speech
TV) you will truly realize how much is being omitted from the
main stream media on a regular basis.

That's all for now- thanks for stopping by! Hang in there and
BREATH. STOP. SLOW DOWN. Dance in the beauty of NOW.
Now is all there is. That's the place where you'll find the true
meaning of the Season.


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