Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union

As you know I don't like to get too political here at the G.E.
While I have STRONG political opinions- I just try to remain neutral
so as to not get caught up in the strong polarity that is American
Politics. But tonight and election nights are the exception.

For the first time since I can remember I will not be watching the
State of the Union address tonight. Because I do not wish to be in
an angry mood and watching tonight would only make me angry. More
men and women put in harms way in a needless war over oil.

What ISNT addressed would upset me as much as what IS. Why aren't
we intervening in Darfur? Why don't the Jangaweed rebels who rape,
burn, and pillage everyone and everything in sight- why are they not
considered "terrorists" by this Administration?

Why isn't GLOBAL WARMING even acknowledged by you Mr. President? You
should lead the world- seeing as we LEAD the world in Emissions and
pollution. You should begin tonights Union address by saying that
we will finally be joining the rest of the free world by signing on
to the KYOTO protocol to reduce emissions - the only saving grace we
have to saving this PLANET is to act now yet you continue to do nothing.

Your answer to not being dependent on foreign oil will be to dig into
yet another beautiful natural resource- In Alaska- rather than to lead
your nation to cleaner air and preservation of God's most glorious

Liberal wacko you say? Most of my life actually I voted Conservative
Mr. President. What would you say to that?

War begets war. FEAR is a far greater Terror than a small army that
we can squash in a nano second and you know it. End the Administration
of FEAR and lead with Light, Hope and Peace. Even the thought of that
instills laughter. We are so far off course it makes me sad how blind
you are to it all.

MILLIONS are displaced in Sudan- MILLIONS. 200,000+ have been killed.
You labeled it a Genocide. Is that nobel enough? Do you think we are
powerless to help and "It's up to the U.N?" You ignored the U.N. to
go in to IRAQ so why the hypocrisy when there is a humanitarian crisis
that is so bad you labeled it correctly- GENOCIDE?

What good will it do to continue to "protect us from Terror" if you do
NOTHING to save this Planet. Ask any prominent Scientist of ANY political
background or nation Mr. President. We are in a Climate Crisis. And we
are doing NOTHING. We haven't even STARTED and the clock is about to
stop ticking. We soon won't have to worry about the Terrorists anymore
because they won't be here anymore. But neither will we.

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