Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PT 2 OF Bill Moyers speech

The domain of free speech is critical to our democracy.
If we can't see that now with the disparity of what we see on our
TV screens (Bread and Circuses) and what reality is then when will
we ever? Please tell me if you are here reading this that you
are not one to be numbed by the endless sad stories and drama that
fill your TV screen 24/7. (i.e. Anna Nicole Smith- the coverage
of her death included 90 minutes of COMMERCIAL free coverage- slightly
less than 9-11 and slightly MORE than the STate of the Union yet there
was very little coverage of the billions of dollars missing from the
US Treasury en route to Iraq) For the People BY the people
and that means YOU. If you are in U.S reading
this right now. And if you are like me already trying--- where do
you go? LINK TV and FSTV which stands for free speech TV
available on Dish Network, the Guardian UK online, BBC
are all a start. Google FSTV if you don't want to switch to Dish as
you can take part and be on top of issues online alone. At least for
now but what if we lose Net Neutrality? Is this important to you to
be able to read this blog and others like it? Speak up NOW! Bill Moyers

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