Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blessings beyond measure

I hope you enjoy my latest video creation on You Tube. It
is a wonderful creative outlet for me to share. This time
it was a collaborative effort with my friend
Reiki master and conscious channel Isaac George across the
seas from North Dakota to Scotland. The text/message is
an excerpt from a message Isaac facilitated in 2006 from the
Christ presence. The music is an original composition to be
featured on his upcoming CD. I plan to put more of the
beautiful messages he has relayed over the past year to video
as I feel they are so very helpful in the Emergence energies.
I encourage you to visit his site which has a link here at the
G.E always on the right

This particular video also features the Gratitude symbol from
the Go Gratitude experiment. A series of emails focusing intent
on Gratitude over 43 "lessons" that I found to be quite profound.
My husband and I like so many others that have participated in
these lessons- are now seeing the Gratitude symbol everywhere!
In USA TODAY one day front page, on billboards, magazines, it's
really something.

Pulling in energy of Gratitude as I have said often here- really
will LIFT you up above the fray over the chasm to the other side
to the new energies. Especially I have found this to be true
in times of great confusion,hardship, sadness, and change.

So please view it, and if you are a YouTube user- comment and
pass it on! Light begets Light! Wherever you focus your attention
it expands! So YOU too can add more light in all that you think
and do.

And on a side note- some really wonderful quotes on the G.E. quotes
to the right. I hope you find time to watch Bill Moyers speech from
the Media Reform convention. See video below. Quote about the
Plantation mentality that exists for us now is just cherry on top
of this amazingly courageous speech.

This is a critical issue. We cannot
learn of the Social injustices occurring globally without a free
and unbiased media. TRUTH will help us across the chasm and we
are NOT getting it from most media outlets currently. Although I
highly recommend DISH TV and specifically Free Speech TV (FSTV channel)
as well as LINK and now finally again, PBS.

And another great quote from Forrest Whitakers
speech at the Oscars speaking of the Light within that connects us
all to a New Reality was really something. Will try to post it here
for you to view if you missed it.

Thanks again for stopping by :) Peace be with you. Jill

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