Thursday, May 10, 2007

News of One

Been a while but here's my friend Isaac's latest Newsletter. So wonderful to hear so close to his path as usual of the One-ness energy. As my beloved mentor Rev. Janice "Hope" Gorman said in my last message---the Secret served only individuality energy and within that word low and behold we see DUALITY. Unfortunately after viewing this documentary that had so much potential, my husband and I left feeling disappointed and more bothered by the lack of attention on Service or even DIVINE Will than getting caught up in the Law of Attraction for "a new 300,000 home or 100,000 year salary" So more of a disservice really or as Isaac said-- focusing on the false reality only- which is old energy as we work toward the New Jerusalem.

I rarely read or watch the news now since it's all bread and circuses. Distractions that collectively work to claw us all onto the fear energy and the collective belief that we are seperate. Illusions and Duality everywhere you turn. Good vs. Evil. Poor vs. Rich. Terrorism vs Democracy Democrat vs Republican etc etc.

Of course real and true empowerment comes from recognizing the One energy and in Service to the Almighty and in Gratitude to the Creator! And so it is that the Service comes creatively through..... whoda thunk it-- YOUTUBE! And is the work he and have done with "Blessings" video we hope...and we're now working on our latest video (another global warming one) in collaboration again with original music from him. Technology aint it grand? He emails me the pieces and I plop them in and we do a bi coastal production whallaaa. You can find the link to Isaac and Rev. Janice's websites always here at the G.E. on right hand side of page.

Seeing the Warming video climb to 40,000 views has been an unexpected kick around the house for all of us and adding daily subscribers to the "channel" as well as the feedback which has been some of the most rewarding of all that I have done. Granted it's a non profit or zero dollar venture but thats not purpose behind it anyway which makes all the more enjoyable and so rewarding. I just received the most beautiful cloth art work from Malaysia as a thank you for sending out the CD that way for a presentation and have children emailing me for the CDs to show their teachers. Eventually once I'm done focusing finally and selfishly on my body (practically at the exclusion of all else aside from booking voice work in the morning at 1 1/2 - 2hours 6 days a week) will be working to get a podcast and more audio up with Spiritual interviews that resonate here at the G.E.

Remember you are not seperate and remember to remain in Gratitude and Service. And everything will just fall into a blissful place of just Being in Joy. I plan to write more now as I strive to in my little way be in service to the Almighty Creator maker of all things seen and unseen as we all return Home to that most blissful energy of ONE and share in the collective involution and evolution of these amazing times! -Jill

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