Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Feed is up and running!

And we're off! Technology has come a long way in just the last few months and thus far the GOOGLE takeover of the blogosphere/YouTube land has been a wonderful injection of hassle free blogging. The possibilities are endless no matter how tech savvy you are.

I've always said that the internet will be a very vital tool for Team Light! It is easily one our last Frontiers for true FREE SPEECH!

Energetically for all of us it's time to "put the pedal to the metal" as my beloved mentor Hope has so appropriately put it and so it is that I have set up feed capability for the blogosphere! You will now see the link on the right hand side with my other website links.

Podcasting is still the endgame and I'm in full research and development mode. OF course I'm also a busy Mom with son in Football, daughter in dance, and back to school time not to mention my "day job" as pretty busy professional voice!

So we're still probably T-minus 2 months away from the first cast....but the content is piling up and I feel it's going to be a terrific journey.

I look forward to adding my interviews of the many spiritual elders out there doing great work to get us through the chasm and adding my voice to the blog which is as some of you know the more natural means of delivery for me! And in the meantime, thanks for stopping by and happy READING!

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