Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My friend Isaacs new book is out!

"What Really Matters: A Guide for Spiritual Awakening"
by Isaac George
is now available for purchase online.

For more information and to purchase, please click here to access your options.

Excerpt from back cover:

"The world is changing, very rapidly. So much has changed and is changing, that one might say the entire planet is suffering from stress. Great suffering seems to be everywhere, with a great many people living from day-to-day in survival mode, whether due to economic circumstances, war or disease. Even in those countries that are experiencing enormous wealth and material prosperity, the suffering of many is a spiritual suffering, a longing for more and more things or relationships, while at the same time questioning it all. “Is this all there is?” could be the very question that creates the change that is so needed. Indeed, the survival of the species and the Planet may hinge on how we respond to the stress of what does not work any longer. If you feel insane and stressed, then this book is an open door to sanity."
What Really Matters is an insightful collection of spiritual perspectives that addresses the most significant issues facing individual and collective humanity during this important time of transformation and change on the planet. It’s a simple and friendly guidebook to discovering the true nature of our being as Infinite Consciousness. It is time for something new…now.

Isaac George

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