Saturday, November 03, 2007

Was lost and now am found

Hello blog readers--- I hope this finds you all warm and cozy as another year seemingly draws near. Yes I know it's still 8-9 weeks to go but as the final leaves drop to the ground and the temperature begins to dip below freezing at night I tend to ponder the end of another year right about now.

It was just a few weeks ago that I saw the new documentary "God Grew Tired of Us" based on the autobiographical book by "Lost Boy" John Dau. Yet due to the spiritual tremor it has created in my heart it seems more like a few years ago!

There was a benefit at our beautiful local, independent theatre that included screening this awe inspiring film in order to raise awareness and funds for another documentary film being made right now, right here in Fargo. This new, local project chronicles another "Lost Boy" and friend of John Dau, Joseph Makeer. It's called "African Soul, American Heart" and the blog and website are up and running as well. Links are up on the right of the G.E.

9 Lost Boys were in attendance at this screening and we were treated to some gospel singing in Dinka accapella following the film which had me in tears as well as a brief Q & A session with them followed by a brief meet and greet.

I didn't have a whole lot of extra time but I stayed to asked a question of John Dau and briefly met him,Joseph and Jacob Mayen at the meet and greet in the lobby
as they were all standing together shaking hands. Jacob gave me his email address and the rest I guess as they say is history.

As you know I've followed and written on and produced a Video on the crisis in Darfur so to see these Sudanese men before me was so moving. Their spiritual strength and energy could surely be felt for miles I thought as they sang in their native language.

My intuition told me that the Light was surely coming to them now and that they were so gracefully prepared for this purpose, to shine that Light not on them but on those that are still suffering in their homeland.

John Dau has used the proceeds from the book, the movie and his foundation to build a clinic that serves thousands in his native Duk County. Joseph Makeer
now has a dedicated team of volunteers behind his vision to help finish his documentary in hopes to not just raise awareness but to help the war torn village and the thousands of orphans still remaining that are living in virtual slavery day in and day out while rest of the world goes about it's business. The film crew is leaving for Africa in December. I wish I could join them! My family is sending along a care package of books and a few letters in hopes of beginning a pen-pal exchange with children in the refugee camp.

It's one of those experiences that change you one step further in this process to a new reality. The AHA! That you need just at the right time. I often write that the meek will inherit the earth and as I told my new friend Jacob, surely these beautiful men will be at the front of the line. Their faith, their culture, the stories of Hope despite the horrors of what they endured will surely awaken the hearts of so very many! Jacob is now a Vicar at a local Lutheran church here! SO he gets to share this message on a daily basis. I look forward to attending one of his services and will be sure to write about it here.

As we went trick or treating the other night I told my children "Honestly, it's just not the same for me. I mean it's fun and enjoyable I won't be a spoiler but I just, I see all the candy and it's upsetting when so many suffer." They both understood and sighed- but shrugged, it is what it is. How on earth can we change a culture that refuses to pull back and in fact now hangs Halloween lights like it does Christmas lights? Light up Ghosts and goblins are cute don't get me wrong but it all seems so unnecessary and excessive!

We are a giving society in general and we do have big hearts but the balance of Earth must come not from dependency on charity donations but on a balancing of how we live. A harmonious co existence between us and Mother Earth so that she is able to heal and thrive with the population today and with so many others who are now suffering for their life for security, for FOOD. As Ghandi said, "Live simply, so others may simply Live" And when I see the excesses of our culture and over priveledged expectations of children and adults, GIMME GIMME GIMME not to GIVE I wonder if we'll ever get there.

But Ghandi also said BE the change you wish to see in the world. And I'm so filled with gratitude for the Lost Boys that are here in our midst.Seeing and speaking with these beautiful souls, the Lost Boys, live and in person, is like seeing the eyes of God and I no longer wonder, I know that we will indeed get there.

We should have listened to the American Indian long ago- they lived simply, they lived sacred, spiritual lives that we for the most part did not even try to integrate with our culture or to even understand. The first settlers assumed they were "savages" because they lived so simply! Those settlers ASSUMED that they knew better and more surely then these natives that ran in the wild and missed the opportunity to grow spiritually from the pure wisdom passed on from generations
like perhaps never before or again in our existence.

This time, we have multi media devices to see, hear, listen and understand what pure Faith is when there is nothing, pure Devotion to Spirit in the face of sheer Evil, what HOPE is when you've lost every family member you have and friends have died in your arms over and over all by the age of 9. And yes, what it is to be truly HAPPY while living ever so simply.

I will do my part to help be sure that they are seen and heard because to hear their story and especially to be near them is to be the closest to Spirit I have ever been and it comes at a time when perhaps the world needs this Hope and this wisdom they bring like never before.

Peace Be with you- I'll be posting an interview with Jacob soon;meantime watch "GOD GREW TIRED" THe story of the Lost boys!!! You can get it on for a mere $10 I'll post links to their websites/blogs on the right. Jill

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