Sunday, November 11, 2007

One tree of Life

As branches of the One tree of Life- We all shall Share and come together. Mother Father God is the roots, the soil, the Sun, the Source of all things,the Lifeforce; Spirit the air we breathe and is all around us, Spirit is the rain that helps us grow strong and mighty.

Us. YOU, me, they, them, WE are the seed in the soil and eventually- the tree.
The strong trunk that all else comes out from. Our service is the branches, the leaves one another. None, not ONE can continue on without the other.

Hand in hand let us see what we can do.

- This came to me tonight and I wished to share it with you out there in this big beautiful world whereever you are. May you have peace in your heart this night and always. Fear not. Come together. Gather yourselves. Listen and find your service because what the world needs now- is you.


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