Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How they stand on ending Poverty

See how the candidates stand on Poverty before casting your vote.
You're probably hearing a lot from politicians this week asking you to support one candidate or another for president. This email is different, because even though tomorrow is Super Tuesday, the two of us—former Senate majority leaders from opposite sides of the aisle—are putting politics aside to remind you that Super Tuesday is also a super opportunity to fight global poverty.

In deciding which candidates are ready to lead on issues like clean water, hunger and stopping global AIDS, knowledge is power. You can make a difference by visiting the On The Record website to learn more about the candidates' plans to bring strong American leadership to the historic opportunity we have to make poverty history.


For ONE, Super Tuesday is a major landmark in an effort that started in June, when the two of us reached across party lines and joined 2.4 million ONE members to send a clear message to the presidential candidates—fighting poverty is not a partisan issue and must be a priority for the next president of the United States.

Out of that belief and desire to change our politics came ONE Vote '08, an historic initiative to make ending extreme poverty and global disease powerful issues at the voting booth in 2008.

The result of your tireless advocacy since then has changed the policy debate, the presidential campaign and the future for some of the world's most vulnerable people. From meeting the candidates on the trail in states like New Hampshire and Iowa to writing letters and making phones calls across this country, you've built a movement, taken action and put the fight against extreme poverty and global disease on the political map.

That's no small accomplishment, and Super Tuesday is our chance to finish strong. Before you go to vote, please take a few minutes to look at the On The Record website or send it to a friend who might not know where the candidates stand on these policies that can save lives.


On the site, you can check out the responses the presidential candidates submitted to your demands for real leadership on our issues and decide for yourself which candidate is best prepared to help the world's most vulnerable people build a better future.

In this whirlwind of politics and punditry around Super Tuesday, it's important to remember where we've come from. In this era of polarization, no one thought a Republican and Democrat could come together to speak as one about our opportunity to end the most brutal suffering we see around the world.

Much more inspiring is the action you've taken, joining 2.4 million ONE members to make ONE Vote '08 a success and doing something once thought impossible—making extreme poverty and global disease important issues in 2008. That's what makes us proud to wear these white bands and call ourselves ONE members.

Thank you for your continued involvement in ONE Vote '08 and for everything you've done for ONE and the fight to make poverty history

Best wishes,

Senators Bill Frist and Tom Daschle
ONE Members and ONE Vote '08 National Co-Chairs

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