Sunday, April 27, 2008

Benedictine of Peace

This beautiful message that came to my beloved mentor Rev. Hope Gorman in midst of problems,problems, problems- which are so easy-if we let it- to consume us when the energy is moving as fast as it is! I hope you wrap it around you and feel the Truth and the Love in it as I did.

My child the law of love is perfect
the law of one is perfect
the law of oneness is perfect
and the law is at hand
and you are this perfect perfectness
so lay down your worries your doubts your fears
but most of all your uncertainties
and take away from your consciousness
any disturbanceness any ideas or problems whatsoever
do not hold them in your consciousness today
my love
you are the presence of a divine being
you are the presence of the bright light
you are peace not problems
you are peace
i shall bathe in this sunlight of truth
and I have now the opportunity within me
to consciously enter into the benedictan of peace
you can choose now in this moment of now
to consciously and intentionally
enter into the benedictine of peace

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