Thursday, May 08, 2008

Raise your voice!

10 long months those that suffer in Sudan and even Chad have been waiting
for the peacekeeping troops to arrive. Can you imagine? Can you look back over the past 10 months to all you have done and how long it seems even in the peaceful comfort of your day to day life and of course know that even December seems like many moons ago? How about last June? Last June is when the U.N. agreed to yet another resolution to help Darfur. To send in additional 20,000 peacekeeping troops. 10% have arrived and are overwhelmed as the crisis has widened.

The U.S has taken no action. No country has taken action. The President was IN Africa taking pictures and pledging more aid for AIDS - which is wonderful- but why can't the most powerful military in the world us it's voice and it's power and it's allies to denounce the violent and corrupt Sudan government? It's up to all of us now. It's always up to us. We must raise our voices to demand action unceasingly. This crisis has claimed HUNDREDS of thousands of lives. MILLIONS are displayed and on verge of dying. It's happening at this hour. Right now. Today! And they have been waiting for aid not only for 10 months but for ten YEARS and for more than 2 years outright, defiant genocide has been reported as a particular nationality in the region is slowly being wiped away. Not swiftly like Rwanda. Slowly. On our watch. Today. The man who devised the pre-meditated genocide has been promoted within the Sudan government. Sudan continues to partner with China for Sudan's oil. China has illustrated it's power in the U.N. to silence the U.S. and the rest of the powerful nations that sit and sign resolution after resolution with no action. As if words and documents are enough to the millions that are walking hundreds of miles to seemingly nowhere safe. And we are called to stop going about our daily lives and to express our outrage to our representatives, to our Presidents, wherever you may live whether it is the U.S. or abroad and we morally must do it NOW. Today. To speak up or to donate to the peacekeepers go to Don't let ignorance be your excuse. Read about it. Write about it. Put a sticker on your car. Pass it on to friends and loved ones and church groups. Be peaceful but find the outrage within you and know that your voice is all they have.

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