Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I don't usually go political here at the G.E., at least not head on, but Obamania has officially hit the Red River Valley. The city paper announced the Presidential candidate was coming to visit North Dakota again. This time to Fargo in a small, intimate setting at our Children's Museum to talk with Veterans.

I knew my 10 year old son would be excited as he has been very taken with this candidate ever since John Edwards dropped out of the race. He and my 12 year old daughter were for Edwards because we were for Edwards but they are for Obama because they are for Obama! I must admit I've remained cautious and neutral as I try to learn more about him. For a while he seemed far too perfect and seemed to have received a "free pass" from the main stream media which will always raise my suspiciousness-radar.

The spiritual community remains cautious as well. If not divided. Bible code says he's the anti-christ the intensely isolated few say. Clairvoyants I've spoken with don't seem to have any issues with the man but they are deeply concerned about the possible turmoil and divisions his Presidency could mean...because of the fears of the Americans that are still lingering in the dark ages perhaps and will not under any circumstances, even if it benefits them and their loved ones, vote for a black man. Then there's the woman (Carolyn Evers) who has the ability to access the souls record (Akashic records) who said that he's Abraham Lincoln incarnate, returning and serving again out of love for his country and to save us all from the road we are heading down. I received that reading via an email from a few friends.

I plan to slowly decide for myself and so it is that I embraced my son's love of this candidate and stood in line for the limited amount of tickets yesterday for almost 2 hours in 90 degree humidity and heat. Pick a well known rock star or TV star and make it bigger, that is how my son reacted when I said Obama was coming and that I'd take him to stand in line to get tickets for us since my daughter had a prior commitment. He's been sick with a croupy cough and cold and so I kept checking in with him to make sure he was up to it. He said he was happy to show his "Obama Pride." I sure was proud of that kind of attitude. I of course deeply hope that the candidate of Hope holds up to all my son hopes for!

Being amongst the believers it's hard not to catch a little of that pride again. I had plenty of time to visit with my line fellowship as the line slowly inched toward the Democratic office downtown. Their stories were all the same. "I haven't felt this way for a candidate in a very long time. Of any party.", "I can't think of any candidate in memory that I or this many people would stand in this heat for 2-3 hours for but he's worth it, no question."

And so it is that it came to me not to look too far into all of it and just take it all in because sometimes when it looks like Hope, smells like Hope, sounds like Hope, it's just that- Hope. And not forced Hope. Real enthusiastic Hope. So I plan to enjoy myself and lean a little further on board the Hope train to see where it will take us.

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