Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hopi Prophecy Part I

The Native American Elder in this video says that all life has a cycle: Purification then Reknewal. We are getting close to this time now. All intuitives feel this. And he says- America is dying. From within.

I find once again that the world seems chaotic or at odds with the connection to the One, Spirit and the Peace I feel within. And it is always in these times that I turn to the Indigenous people to find the wisdom to learn from the cycles and learn from the bigger picture of why in short "bad things happen." I am always filled with gratitude for the connection I feel to this wisdom. And no longer concern myself with why I do, I just sit in gratitude to hear their words and I do mean HEAR them, where so many are deaf. Some spiritually gifted have said I was a great Sioux warrior, others say I have a Dakota woman as one of my many guides that I listen to, whatever the reason may be it is with great respect and honor that I turn to them for linear answers when the world seems in turmoil.

If I could sit with them I would ask, even though I sometimes know the answer, out of anger I would inquire with stunned bewilderment and broken heart...How could we be in a climate crisis with hundreds if not thousands of species literally going extinct moment to moment and yet have the Powers that be in Washington let the moratorium on offshore drilling pass? Allowing Big Oil to drill just 5 miles out on both coasts and further stressing the fragile ecosystems that are already under diress from climate change and man? How can hard working men and women have to work 2 sometimes 3 jobs just to earn a living wage for their families in the U.S. for big, huge corporations even that used to pay well now paying 7,8 9 dollars an hour and yet be asked to shoulder and bail out bad decisions on Wall Street in order not to lose even more of the little that has been acquired by the working class? I have a friend, a young man in his 20s ask me the same just the other day and was struck by how sad he was to be bringing his first child into the world at this time. I tried to console him that it always must get worse before it can get better. But it will get better. It's the cycle of life.

The Cycle of Greed, the Cycle of the Corporation it seems is nearing it's fate. Did you know that Corporations in the US are given the same rights as humans -thats the law- and that's truth and the elite few with their $6,000 shower curtains and fleets of cars have been hoarding their riches, as part of the "free market" but not properly caring for the Earth that provides them resources and not caring for the workers who produce their products and evolution will bring this too to an end.

There are wonderful Native American Elder videos on internet and many great books that really teach great wisdom at this time of financial and environmental upheaval. So I will post some of them here for you in the coming weeks.

Today is Indigenous Native American Elder Part I. I hope you know that this too shall pass. Namaste' Jill

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