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"Love without Reason"

Finally- a new message from my friend Isaac. I am so happy friend that you are
going to be moving stateside again. Our country needs more beings at your vibrational level right NOW! It is a wonderful and necessary message with the heightening duality of our political elections. While I am well past the stages of duality, fear or ego- many that I interact with day to day are not and it makes wading the waters tiring. This message came at a perfect time to provide the air I was needing! Kindof like when you go up to a higher altitude and look at the beauty of Mother Nature and "get away from it all" - it fuels the soul, the heart, the mind for what is to come. I hope it does the same for my readers as well. Namaste' Jill

September 2008

"Love Without Reason"

The Christ Presence

As It Is -

"Peace be with you this day. With the arising of each day there are ever more opportunities to turn from the uncertainties that are being presented in your world and to embrace the essence of Life. You are assaulted on all sides by the news of calamities and a sense that the worse is yet to come. What can you rely on anymore? Is there any stability, any sureness to anything? As the reports of the scarcity of fuel and food increase, there is a corresponding value placed upon the necessities of existence that far exceeds the actual cost of production and distribution. Speculation is fear-driven, and greed-driven, by souls still unaware of their true nature. Again I say to you, peace be with you this day.

If you cling to the two illusions, that there is not enough, or that there are an unlimited amount of resources available on the Earth, then you will be either fearful, or ignorant and arrogant. The universe demonstrates cycles of plenty and lack. These cycles arise from the physical laws that govern physical density, and are therefore fair. At the same time, the physical realm is the manifestation of thought made visible, and under the right circumstance can be altered through the right-us-ness of prayer and trusting in the will of God. This is sometimes referred to as 'miracle-mindedness', and miracles can only be made visible through one who no longer believes what he or she sees as real, or as unforgivable. That person loves the illusion, but does not believe in it, for the essence of the Creator is at the core of the illusion also, and to condemn it is to also condemn the divine. She or he must also realize that it is not in their power to change everything to suit a personal desire or wish, and that every other soul is created as sovereign and a perfect image of the
whole, and is not a victim of circumstance. So, worrying that you won't have enough money for fuel, or food, or whatever feeds the fear, while living without regard to the Earth's resources or the needs of others for their livelihood is ignorance, which is also a form of fear, but without the awareness of the wholeness of Life. What is most needed is a sense of balance, a harmonization with the flow of Life.

In actuality there is no lack, and there is nothing to fear. Quantum science acknowledges that the fabric of existence is responsive to the power of thought and observation. This 'fabric' is thought-stuff, the evidence of the unseen intelligence and love that is God. Like the 'Force' from Star Wars, it both directs Life, and is responsive to impulses from you as well. As you may be aware, the Jedi Knight seeks to 'flow with the Force', or in other words, become the instrument rather than the initiator, with each conscious decision actually arising from this field of intelligence and power. This also is your task, and anything that impedes the flow must be dissolved. So, the balance you ache for, that you would like to see within your own life and expressed in the world that you know now, may become possible only if you follow the love within you, the God within you.

Actually, it is also part of the balancing act to utilize resources responsibly. Simply put, this requires you to practice honouring that which you consume as an aspect of the Creator, and allowing yourself to choose as wisely as possible in your daily activities. There is nothing 'out there' that is not you/God, so whatsoever you do with regards to the outer fabric expresses your harmony or the dissonance of your ego-self mired in survival mode. In actual fact, there is nothing 'out there' that is 'real.' But that does not mean you mistreat yourself or others by abusing your environment. As has been oft repeated, environmental degradation and chaos in the biosphere's climate are reflecting the inner ego conflicts and suppressed pain of billions of souls. The real pollution lies within the mind and emotions. This has powerful implications in regards to what happens next on Planet Earth. The choice is before you, and all the sons and daughters of Spirit. It is as it is.

Becoming Sane -

Those among you who feel 'different', and who have tried to integrate into the ego-created world that has dominated the Earth for millennia have perhaps believed that they are insane, or have been labelled crazy or 'nutters' by others. You have always loved Nature, you are capable of loving humanity, and you long for a different world consciousness, one where you feel like you belong, where you are 'family.' From childhood you may have believed in fairies and invisible playmates, or perhaps you glimpsed an angel, or heard the voices of those you have passed on and are still close to the Earth-plane, and are slaves to their unfulfilled dreams.

Some of you have raised your voices against injustices, while others have simply 'dropped out' to live lives of solitude close to Nature and away from civilization. Some of you are mediators and peacemakers. A vast number of souls are exploring the frontiers of consciousness, and replaying earthly lifetimes as spiritual ascetics and yogis. And yet, many of you are all still thirsty, still hungry, still worried, still angry, still depressed, still seeking. You are trying to become sane, so try to love yourself a little more. In fact, love yourself as you might imagine a loving Father or Mother would love you, completely without conditions. Understandably, many feel that the love received from a beloved pet makes more sense than that which is experienced in human interactions. Since all of Nature is becoming more fully actualized by God now, there is more self-awareness, more Presence shining through the eyes and behaviour of domestic pets and wild animals alike. Everything is becoming sane.

All that you need to become sane is the willingness to admit one thing: "I don't know." Who doesn't know? Your mind created 'me', that's who. All of your spiritual studies, all of your knowledge is as nothing compared to the wisdom within a flower, or a dolphin. My words from Galilee are still true now as they were then. This is the unchanging nature of the Infinite expressed in the simplest of forms, the evidence of something that is beyond philosophy. I won't quote those words here, but leave you to investigate for yourself, to taste the waters that will fill you up for yourself. Yes, some of these accounts have been changed by men, and some others have been suppressed and obscured as well, but the essence is still there, the Truth that sets the heart free still speaks.

Becoming sane is ending the seeking, and embracing that you are already a son or daughter of God, and so is everything and everyone else. This is the simplest of wisdoms, to love your Creator, yourself, and your brother or sister, just because they 'are.' Yes, there are creations that have come from the distortions of the ego mind that were not intended by Spirit, but even these forms still have at their core the Presence of Love. Only a healed mind and an undefended heart may transform mis-creations into miracles.

The Hologram of Perfection -

So stop seeking to become perfect, and instead choose to love perfectly. End your obsession of trying to understand it all, and choose to accept that 'you don't know.' Allow for God to bring you the tools and the wisdom you require for what is next, rather than manipulating the outcomes. Let go of the need for getting everything just so, before you can begin to give your Gift to others. If you would have this pearl, the pearl of your own Soul, then are you willing to sell all to get it? Or will you still compromise and seek to please others, and please the world, before you know how beautiful and perfect you and your Gift already are?

You strive still for the perfect home, the perfect relationship, the perfect job, the perfect circumstances, the perfect this, that or the other, but you fail to see that your ego is only placing a spiritual sheen on its desires. Every time you create a form to define the formless, you limit the miracles. Every time you place another person, thing, or situation above your divinity or the Christ within, you have created separation. In the craziness you lose sight of what really matters, what is essential, and you end up hating the other or the situation, and then feel guilty about your self-betrayal.

Remember, the greatest pearl is peace.
The hologram of Life is already perfect, but not the perfection that your mind conceives of. Stop thinking, and know that you are God. There is a Plan, and that Plan is perfect. The Plan is that everyone re-members that they are Love, and then comes 'home' in the Being Self. That Self then knows itself to be itself, yet One. Then the One expressed acts upon It Self within the minds and hearts of others, and that my friends, is the homecoming that was illustrated in the parable of the Prodigal Son.

Begin now to love perfectly. Love yourself and love each other, as I continuously love you. Love without reason, without condition, without agenda. Love your computers, your pets, your shoes, your food, your showers, your enemies, your bodies, your sexuality, your warts, your flaws, other's flaws, and God. Do not leave anything out! If you love this greatly, then your energy, your thoughts, your words and your acts will bear witness to that love.

Sometimes, even pointing out the injustices and hypocrisies can be some of the purest expressions of Love. It is a wake-up call from Spirit. In my times upon the Earth, such souls were called prophets. Their job was to bring that which was hidden into the light, so that suffering may be lessened, and consequences avoided. You live in such times, and you have a place in it. You have a Gift to give, and you are the Gift.

Remember that I am in You, and You are in Me. All the angels and all of Creation reside there also. Nothing is hidden that will not be revealed, and fear not the changes that are yet to transpire. Be ever joyful, and may peace be your pearl, for I am with you, always.

End of Message



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