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Trick or Treat Greeting of Peace

A new message from my friend Isaac, but first a bit of background/update on the current energies.

Pure Divine Love Newsletter

November 1st, 2008

Vol. 10, Issue 5: Greetings of Peace,

“Trick or Treat”

The view of the elections in the U.S. is very interesting from my position here in Britain. Many programs have sprung up on television and radio about the American political process, the economy, the social fabric, history and culture. Big name BBC and ITV correspondents trundle across the American landscape interviewing and prodding, looking for a defining vibration that indicates a major shift in the future direction of the United States. A good many of them focus on the ascendency of Barack Obama, and how many view him as the only hope for the nation and its myriad problems and challenges (most of which were created by the Clinton and Bush presidencies). Shades of Princess Leia from Star Wars…‘help me Obi Wan, you are our only hope.’

In the meantime, almost forgotten in the bubbling froth of election fervor, is the continuing presence of George W. and company in Washington, D.C. The rumor mills among conspiracy theorists are churning with hints and signs that due process may be pre-empted by a Bush-hatched plot to suspend the elections, declare martial law, and create a police state, not necessarily in that order. As unlikely as this seems, the sheer volume of Executive Orders signed by Bush over the last 18 months that has gutted Habeas Corpus, overturned laws against using U.S. troops on American soil, and given the President the right to declare anyone an enemy of the state just because he says so, have fed the fears of many who wonder, ‘well, if you go to the trouble to get all of those pins set up, why not use them?’ Now, I am no conspiracy theorist, and prefer higher perspective that goes beyond the need for political parties or half-baked conspiracy theories, a future that is beyond the current ‘matrix’ that is based on the old paradigm of scarcity and fear. However, as the old Arab adage goes, ‘trust to Allah, and tie up your camel.’ Another way of saying it is to be self-sourcing and self-reliant, and eliminate codependency with anything that requires you to unnecessarily compromise yourself, or overburden your life with complexity and stress.

I subscribe to practical spirituality with direct and verifiable experience with Source, and express the application of intention as a natural extension of that Source. I envision a sustainable, peaceful, non-competitive life experience for myself and everyone. I see no logical reason for believing in scarcity, even though human DNA seems to be solidly programmed with it. I never was interested in competing, and in fact, it felt toxic in my body to do so, even in sports at school. I never really bought into the ‘it’s a dog eat dog world’ philosophy so prevalent in the 1950’s and 1960’s in the U.S., and I was a fanatical rebel whenever I heard anyone (especially mom) tell me to ‘go along to get along’, i.e., conform or be lost forever. In short, I was a sort of dropout, a non-participant in the ‘game’ of life on Planet Earth. * (see endnotes)

To approach the current financial situation with the mindset of trying to save or salvage the old order is to miss the point. Every day insult is being added to injury as the same banks and major investment firms that precipitated the mess (and which were encouraged by the politicians and economists from both parties who backed the ‘free markets know best’ syndrome) now ring the Fed Reserve doorbell and yell ‘trick or treat!’
They are getting most of the treats in big handouts, while at the same time thousands lose their homes, their savings, their livelihoods, and their self-respect from the trickery of excessive materialism. The trick has been played on the entire world, and now the treats are being sucked out of treasuries and central banks around the planet with breathtaking speed. Also, do not expect any swift retribution against CEO’s and other execs for the financial collapse when a new administration takes over in January. The system will attempt to protect itself, as all systems do when threatened from without or within, and the reforms will only penetrate to the first or second levels of power on Wall Street and within the D.C. Beltway.

While ‘grand theft tax money’ is being played out, we may miss another point. The homeless and destitute who believed in the American Dream turned nightmare are a growing segment of the population in the U.S., while in the U.K. the foreclosures and unemployment figures are also beginning to take a brutal hold on the economy. Who will support our brothers and sisters who are the casualties of the hedge-fund collapse? Are we our brother’s and sister’s keeper? What if we are hoarding, just like the banks, afraid that tomorrow may come and that there may not be enough to pay our bills, buy the food, put gas in the tank? What happens when the homeless ring the doorbell, and ask ‘treats, please?’ Do we turn away, or do we open our hearts to a new way, with a new consciousness? What is next?

As the Great Depression of the 1930’s began to grip the world, President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt declared that ‘there is nothing to fear but fear itself’, and initiated reforms that got the American economy slowly back on its feet again. At the same time, the economic trauma of the worldwide depression spawned fascist regimes in Italy and Germany. People in those countries, tired of years of hyper-inflation and want, longed for someone to lead them out of hard times, a strong man with big words and a big vision. The direction of history for that time was a huge “Y” in the road, and eventually ended in World War II. These times are different, but our personal and collective choices will be even more important now.

What shall we choose then? If we do not wish to repeat history, I feel that it is time that we look to creating a different response to what it happening, and envisioning a different sort of future for ourselves and those who follow. We will be called upon to practice caring compassion for our fellow human beings, and to do better with less in our daily lives, making ever wiser and more informed choices in every aspect of our affairs. Some wise soul once said, “Abundance is having just enough to share.” Greed is the offspring of fear, and is the antithesis of faith. We must learn to face and transmute our fears, while developing an unshakeable faith in that Source of life that lives through us. We are One with God,as well as human. It is very important to know one essential thing: we are not alone, ever, and the well of Infinite Love is always present within and without us. The subconscious belief in scarcity is at the core of all fears, and since it is an illusion, it can be healed. We can collectively choose to set a course that will lead humanity out of the slavery to greed, want, monetarism, and consumerism, a course that will eventually free everyone from the need to compete for or hoard resources.

So, Halloween is here, and the time for trick and treat will soon be over. Next are Thanksgiving, then Solstice and Christmas. Remember those who seem to have less than you this holiday season, and let us open our hearts and purse-strings to assist in whatever way we can. No more trick or treat, boom and bust, winners and losers, survival of the fittest, rich or poor, light and dark.

Above and through it all, we need to recognize that all of this, the conditions of the world, is transitory and will change and pass away. In the light of that, it essential to live our lives to the fullest possible, and cultivate gratitude and joy, even when it seems we can’t. Turn within. Get quiet. Read a good novel. Enjoy nature. Cook some food. Snuggle under the covers for an extra 10 minutes. Dance a little. Cry, even if it is just to release the tension. Rent a funny movie. Help someone out. Add to this list and keep it growing.

Let us begin with this moment, a moment of grace, and not take sides anymore.



*Endnotes: * I’d like to include a quote here about competition from the book “Letter to Earth” by Elia Wise:” Competition is making you better at what does not work. And the economy is a completely illusory value system - even in its own context. The new language derives from energy, integralism, love and compassion. The tools you need are currently in development in your society. Some are already available for application. Some are temporarily thwarted from application by vested interests and established momentum.” (Page 117).

P.S. Since I’ve lived here now for four years, and I find it interesting that Guy Fawkes Day is November 5th, the day after Election Day in the U.S. Don’t know who Guy Fawkes is? Look it up here, or, watch the movie “V for Vendetta.”


Quote(s) of the Moment –

“It is no sign of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

J. Krishnamurti

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