Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Economic ImBalancing Act

Happy New Year! I have made it my writing New Years resolution to write original material here at least twice a month and upon glancing at the calender this morning I realized I better get at it and so here I am-

Economic ImBalancing Act

The Emergence waters are rushing like a great and mighty dam that is about to be opened! Make no mistake there is movement now and this is a momentus time after a very long period of treading water! Physically it is causing immense fatigue and unfortunately for some intense anxiety and fear. More milder conditions can be equally inconvenient including staring spells, prolonged moments of intense vertigo or dizziness, difficulty concentrating for even short periods of time and bouts of indifference or a lack of emotion about anything.

It is indeed not a coincidence that this opening of the Dam coincides with the peaceful and historical transfer of power politically in the United States with the swearing in of the new United States President, Barack Obama. A President who promises the sweeping change we are all seeking. I believe it is the message more than the messenger that igniting us all but I also believe thankfully the messenger can and will consciously shoulder this mission and this message. It's apparent millions if not billions of other human beings all over the globe also believe in this movement that has been akin to catching lightning in a bottle! From his father's home village in Kenya to Obama, Japan the world is looking again to America to lead the way.

I feel the Creator watching over us, protecting us, and literally bringing us this young, courageous, compassionate and humble new leader. I see the visual of a Lightning Rod of energy igniting the energy fields of hundreds of thousands of ordinary and extraordinary citizens in a call of action to change the way things are done in all of our most entrenched pillars of society. Economic. Political. Education. Religious/Spiritual. Health/Medicine. He has the fortitude and the unseen help to grapple the most daunting crisis of our lifetime. There is a tidal wave of hope clashing into a fading current of fear. The help Spirit is bestowing upon him and all of us us now will wash away any negativity so swiftly the fear will rapidly dissipate like the rainbow after a dark, ominous thunderstorm in July.

Well before the New Year we began to see the first vast fractures of the Great Emergence in the growing instability of our global Economy and the Grand unveiling of the economic imbalance and social injustices that we face all over the world but certainly most visibly at the heart of it all in Wall Street USA. Mother-Father-God is illustrating why we must find the courage to stand up to these injustices and find our sovereignty in order to change the way Capitalism has evolved since the beginning of time.

We must exist and live in the higher vibrations of Gratitude, Love, Forgiveness, and Peace! We have come to know that this foundation is not attainable without economic balance, balance, balance. If we do not face this mountain it will grow increasingly uncomfortable, uncertain and perilous for all societies. The time is at hand and it is urgent we catch on and catch on quick.

Consider, at least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. According to Unicef more than 26,000 children die of poverty every single DAY. Many in remote villages nearly invisible to civilization! But certainly not invisible to the Great Spirit in the Sky! The One energy of all that is cries out for us to find the ways to steady this economic imbalancing act. It is where the keys to the Great Emergence lie. And it is why the SECRET left me immediately dissatisfied and calling for a deeper, more Spiritual connection that asks not for more money or things for Self, but Peace.Peace for all. Service over Self. Gratitude for all that already IS... not programming for more this or that.

As we see Materialism dying before our very eyes so goes the Ego. We see in the disgraced financier Bernard L. Madoff, accused of running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme how very far the Ego can lead one to extreme greed and excess in the pursuit of "happiness." If we seek time after time and do not receive... instead of asking WHY?!... Why can't I have this or that over and over again and spiritually stomping our feet like a child, we are now called to dive further to ask not "WHY?" but "Where" or "How?" Where could my energy and attention be more fruitful? Try the energy of the selfless "how can I help?" or even more simply "Can I help?" Ask and God will show you how. Anything else at this time is sending alot of static and you may very well get caught up in the crosshairs of the strong tsunami this year.

Again, we have been shown by God's Grace for some time now that we must exist and live in the higher vibrations of Gratitude, Love, Forgiveness, Peace and economic Balance, Balance, Balance. Remember the shocking images of poverty that were unveiled with Katrina? Genocide has been occuring for a decade in Darfur--just because we don't even SEE those images doesn't mean it isn't happening. I cry at the thought of a soldier having to say goodbye to his family packing up again to leave for a second or third tour of duty in Iraq for a war that nearly everyone now agrees was more about oil than any impending threat to our nation. And of course, we are seeing the imbalance in the pouring of money in Government bailouts toward propping up the Financial Systems that are running out of control.

Even if we choose to tune out the news, we certainly have seen the trend for decades of misaligned priorities in our own neighborhoods in the "keeping up with the Jones's" striving for affluence that begins at an earlier and earlier age. My daughter is 12 and is grilled by many girls with every new item of clothing she wears to school "Where did you get that?", "How much did it cost?" and if the location of the purchase or prices is not met with approval she receives an obvious grunt of disapproval in response.

Spirit is illustrating the economic imbalancing act of extreme wealth and injustices and imbalance can no longer sustain itself. When we reach the other side of the Emergence we will see, hard as it may seem, a reality based on non materialism so profound physical labor for money will no longer be able to sustain itself. Spirit knows where there is money and work for pay, injustices will surely follow.

I have had an extraordinarily unexpected and often times difficult lifetime of training for this time that I used to think it was some sort of balancing out of karma! Now I see it was God's enduring Grace to make me strong through this storm. Speak loudly. Be Strong. Be a witness to what Spirit is showing you! Release any and all fear. AND control. There is a more experienced driver or two or three at the wheel! The angels, guides, holy ones, family members and Creator of us all are all here to see that we get this right but we must not sit on our hands any longer.

Spirit always provides but Spirit also taketh away. Give and you will receive. Here the call to use your talents and power to stand up and speak for the Meek now or forever join those who wish to use and misuse the Meek in the lower vibrations.

We MUST if we have not already begun--to whole heartedly focus our prayers, our intentions, our personal and careers goals and in all we strive for on earth NOW toward the NON-MATERIAL riches of life! To a life of unselfishness and service over materialism and power. It starts with you. One by one let us put our value in that truth as we continue to walk not in fear but joy with each unveiling new Truth of what God is showing us now through the prism of a new Leader who walks in this unprecedented infusion of light and superconsciousness and the promise of a new Dawn.

Together let us enthusiastically embrace and commit to this CHANGE the angels are all leading us toward and join in creating a greater economic balance and justice in all areas of our societies all over the globe! It is imperitive we figure this out soon rather than later if we truly wish to reach the other side of the Emergence which is of course "on earth as it is in heaven."

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