Saturday, February 28, 2009

The evolution revolution is well underway.

The evolution revolution is underway

Jill Westerholm

Well,oh well these are interesting times indeed! I find it difficult
to write as I sort through it all like an ice cream cone in sandstorm.

I feel like the latest pharmaceutical commercial to help with energy.
Are you a Lightworker suffering from Repeating patterns?

How many times have we all said Really!? This old record again?
Isn't it enough already with the same ol,same ol with NO movement whatsoever?!!!!!!
What do I need to learn from this I mean honestly?

I'm happy to report some movement on this front. And at very least I'm also
getting toward a point where I can laugh about it..most days.

At some point along the road of frustration, doubt, anxiety, anger and etc. one
decides it takes alot less energy to not only accept but BLESS one's Path.

And therein lies the hook that I want you to discern and look for.

We all got so caught up in the gratitude train that we forgot to stop at acceptance.
Or at least we skimmed over and dismissed this very crucial part of our evolution revolution.

And I mean deeply accept.


then Bless.

Which is same as to be thankful or grateful.

My repeated patterns, thoughts, words, deeds, are more visible now and for that I am learning faster. I have recognized several of these patterns easily and obviously in my physical, linear reality over the past 15 years, some in more quiet manner from over course of my lifetime. And some I know are not so visible. But from the work that I have done as well as the help of my many beautiful teachers along the way both physical and non-physical, I've weeded them out.

And I have learned, to RECOGNIZE the pattern is not to UNDERSTAND the pattern.

Recognizing was pretty easy most of the time but I sure was snagged up for while-and still can be-on understanding.With enough spiritual analysis from my constant praying, asking, searching, reading, retreating to fill the entire planet!

Dismiss understanding for now, you either will or you won't understand your journey at some point it is not necessary that you do in order to evolve!!

Ultimately, it doesn't matter that I was or you were snagged up. It doesn't matter if you are still lingering there either.

But, if you are now in a place of awareness and do not want to linger but also do not want to swiftly hide in comfortable,safe harbours of holding onto old thoughts, feelings and emotions that no longer serve you-- then this year you absolutely are being shown that you NOW must:

Honor them. Bless them. And bless anyone and everyone who helped you try to understand. Honor the journey as Sacred.

Here is an excellent affirmation to use to yourself or out loud that my Spiritual coach gave me. When the feeling or situation arises that brings in negative feelings both new and old:

I bless you. And dissolve now the cause and effect and the record of this obstacle. And remove it. remove it. remove it.

Even if you are still at the point of recognizing-this is a handy little nugget of Truth that would have helped me a while back! *chuckle*

I've spent years recognizing these patterns and as I said I was naturally always trying to understand or make sense of them especially when they bring about such pain and suffering in my life. Previously, just trying to reflect on all the searching I had done without ANY real, hard material results or answers or solutions would make me very sad, sometimes angry.

But not now. Ultimately, all things are as they should be. All things. Past. Present. And even where we go from here. Because, as Yoda put it"the energy of the ONE is strong in this One."

If I rattled on further to tell you all that I am overcoming in my life (again) and still despite at all unraveled this truth it would perhaps startle you. But, in the end you , or specifically your ego, would compare it to your own situation and it would make you feel better than or less than me. Details of my own personal journey are insignificant. We all have the big mountain before us now. Do not compare with others or dismiss your problems as being small. If it's tripping you up now, it's signficant.

So release all that old stuff, say the affirmation if you need help because help is all around at all times!

Smile! And by all means, Believe! Believe in all that is before you now to magically begin to live a life free of ALL negativity, a life filled with Peace. For you and all those around you.

This is your opportunity to be Redeemed. Free of all this baggage forever!

Bless everyone and everything thing because the evolution revolution is well underway!

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