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The energies of a new month, 9/9/09 and beyond.

The energies of a new month, 9/9/09 and beyond.

Jill Westerholm

Regarding 9/9/09 ---now just mere days an nutshell: It's just a day,
but could be a trigger... like a fault line in a quake we will all feel a bit of a
tremor to an out and out jolt that day and beyond. In a wave up until November 11-
9/9/2009 is actually 9/9/11 if you
add the year completely (2009-2+9 you don't count the 0's of course) and November
11th then is of course 11/11/11.

And I do believe it is more about this period we are entering rather then an obvious
doom or glory on this particular day next week. I don't believe in putting too
much shift dependence on one day. Or even one year. 2012 for example. Time is
as much an illusion as anything else. According to some, it could very well already
be 2012. The mystical year that refers to a Mayan prophecy, which says the Earth
will reach the end of a cycle on Dec. 21, 2012. I don't like the world end. I
prefer beginning. But, of course no beginning can come until we have an end. The
end is accelerating now but I very much feel this mystical date is truly going to
present more of the Beginning and getting there, from A to B, has more to do with
the end. A proverbial end.

What comes after? The creative chaos to make it up as we go, but certainly not to
repeat that which no longer serves us here.

Here's hoping this trigger in a few days makes the going a little easier on us
sensitives right? In last month or so my hubby was in a
car accident but is fine, my brother was in a bad accident where he was
hospitalized and is now still recovering, my Dad being unexpectedly hospitalized and then passed away, and my son sprained his foot. There were plenty of other energetic head scratchers but this is not a pity party. The point is I know YOU have
experienced a similar impact as have those around you. This shift is an equal
opportunity Avenger for everyone, everywhere you look. In a flurry it picks up
what we need to let go of---like the game "pick up stix."

I'm trying to remain neutral but not to the point of complete brain detatchedness
(see Homer Simpson "Duhhhhhh") which is
easier said then done with the bombardment I've had emotionally, physically,
spiritually, financially, you name it it's been a hard shell hit the bunker
energetic artilliary of impressive magnitude. But then when I look at it in it's
totality it isn't just one month, a few, a year,or even several years but 15 and
that review tells me that this is the summing up. Well, that and that I'm extremely
well prepared for what's to come!

This is what causes us to Sigh and ponder or even, Yell-- So, is this what we've been waiting for!?

No. We're stuck this is NOT where we are Divinely intended to be as a ONE but all
is still as it should be!

We can't be agitated, frustrated, impatient, angry....

Nor, did we come here to lie down or say "I quit!"

And we certainly did not come this far to merely say "Whatever"

Assume the next parts the fun part.

As Dr. Seuss put it "Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple."

This is just the storm that swirls about only to leave blue sky and a rainbow.

Now is the time to wait and watch but also intend, affirm, request, not
just be a bystander, this is the Action that is so vital. Awareness or being
awakened without action is like EnLIGHTenment without the LIGHT!

Do not turn into a mummy or a drone but also do not get fixated on one thing and run your engine adrift.

Be open to ALL things at all times.

But be an active part! Be a witness!

What needs to change?

What can I do?

What would make my life happier?

And don't slap old blocks on top of that either! (

Know that all is as it IS

Even if it isn't how it should be a

Nothing is as it was before or ever will be.

So be done with it once and for all.

Discard fear, jealousy, lack, anxiety, sadness, anger, any negativity whatsoever
especially when you see it in your own home, thoughts, or in others.
Stand up to be seen and heard as often as it takes.
Gather together with like minded friends and loved ones and share not compete!
Dream a world as it was intended in Peace.
In Love and Service, Not Ego & Exclusivity.

To dive more into the numbers of 9/9/9 here is a great numerologist column from Chris Delorey:
as we entered September she writes:

Sept 1, 2009: Endings enable new beginnings - and beginnings make the old obsolete. (9+1+11=12=3)

Making the Old obsolete! Absolutely perfect! I love September already!

Namaste' - Jill

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