Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mother Nature and the Power of Intent

Our thoughts, feelings, emotions manifest and co-create everything we see all day every day why not the weather?

Think about THAT!

We do not need to be and in fact should NOT be in REACTION mode with the weather any more then we should with our life problems.

When news struck of the Earthquake in Haiti, Dreamhealer Adam put out an action alert to visualize rescue vehicles arriving and people hidden by rubble being discovered and thousands of members including myself did so. Not long after the miracles rolled in including my favorite: "Girl pulled from rubble after 15 days!!"

When news struck of Earthquake in Chile, Dreamhealer Adam put out action alert to calm the Tsunami wave headed for Hawaii and thousands of us intended the ocean to easily absorb the energy to reduce the impact. The Tsunami warnings were lifted shortly after.

And now, my colleague and friend Laura is gathering community members in Fargo/Moorhead to "Positive Spin, Subject One: Red River Crest 2010" an experiment in positive thinking PRIOR to the Rivers crest.

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