Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hold Harmony with Intense Love!

Beloved Mother Mary:


"Beloved, Beloved, Beloved of the Light! Precious Ones, who have turned your Hearts’ Call to Me.

"I come to bring a Radiance, a Substance and a Flame from My great Temple of Light to enfold you and to clothe you with Power to assist others to your Hearts’ content.

"Beloved Ones, who are calling so sincerely for the Greater Powers and Manifestations of the Greater Perfection of the Universe, We stand awaiting your Calls and there is not One that We will not answer under the Action of the Cosmic Law.

"In the Electronic Belt around the Physical Sun where-in are Our Own Individual Temples of Light and Healing and Power; where-in are located those Mighty Focuses of the Directing Intelligence from the Great Central Sun which holds this System of Planets in Its Divine Order and Activity, there is drawn within that Electronic Belt the Mighty, Mighty Temples of every Activity, which the Greater Powers of Life send forth to assist all upon the Earth to their Freedom and to their Perfection in the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan. I wish you to know something of Our Homes and Temples of Light in that Electronic Belt. They are made of Etheric Substance which is Self-Luminous and Imperishable.

"Oh, Beloved Ones, how We long to lift mankind completely and quickly out of this substance of discord and destruction, for there exists within that Electronic Belt such Magnificence, such Power as mankind has never dreamed was in the Universe anywhere. Now to you to whom this Explanation of the Electronic Belt is coming, I wish to say that at any moment when you turn your attention to Us and give Recognition to the Temples of Light....and of Music and so forth, you can truly draw forth into the physical octave, into your own bodies and minds the Mighty Vibratory Action of the Energy which is there.

"The individual who understands this Law and will through conscious attention send their feeling (Love) to those Mighty Activities of Life’s Greater Powers can have the Release into their use of many Things which mankind has never drawn forth before. That is what leads me now to the Explanation of some of the Cosmic Activities which are coming for the Cleansing of the World and the restoration of mankind to that Consciousness which refuses longer to use anything (that Life provides) to cause limitation and distress to those in the World.

"The mass attention of mankind will, before a very great while, be forced to look up to That which is greater than this World. There are certain Manifestations coming which the human intellect will never explain without the Conscious Illumination of the Ascended Masters.

"There come always at the close of a Cycle two things: the destructive forces, built to a vortex of explosions which are always held within certain bounds; and an Increasing Release of Light and the Power of the Sacred Fire is brought forth to keep that destructive vortex from shattering everything on the Earth.

"Please, remember this. As One Who is in charge, under the Mighty Helios and the Great Beings from the Great Central Sun, of the Healing Activities of the World, part of My Responsibility and that of the Beloved Nada, Meta and Quan Yin is to so govern the substance of both mankind’s bodies and the physical Earth itself, that the substance can be purified and the Beings of the Elements can be released more quickly from the impurity imposed upon them by mankind.

"We, Who represent the Feminine of Activity of Life, have the Responsibility of purifying whatever substance has been wrongly qualified.

"It is not an easy Task to take the substance of the Inner bodies, the mental, emotional and etheric bodies, after mankind for centuries has generated conditions of frightful destruction ....and by that I mean of the mass of mankind....and begin their Purification to the point where the raising of the energy of all of mankind will permit the greater Release of some of these Powers, in order to more quickly hold the attention of the mass of the people upon the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ and upon the Great Divine Beings Who have guarded them so long in their wayward journey through this World.

"Another part of My Responsibility to Life and My great Privilege of Service, as in the Service performed by the Beloved Astrea, is the Cleansing of the psychic substance in the atmosphere of Earth which is released through the emotional bodies of mankind and which must be purified enough to bring the mass of the energy of each Life Stream to the point where it is Pure enough to be raised into the next more Powerful Activity of Life’s Divine Plan.

"Oh, My, the crimes which have been committed against the Cosmic Law of Cosmic Love by the hate in mankind’s feelings against the Great Cosmic Law of Cosmic Love. If you knew what Power could be yours by shutting off completely all opinions, all release of any energy that was not qualified with the great Luminous Presence of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love Eternal! If you knew a fraction of what that would release through you and to you, you would never again on this Earth ever send forth anything but the Healing Flame of Cosmic Love’s Protection and Perfection.

The Law of all Manifestation is the Law of Cosmic Love.

"This has nothing to do with personal attachment. You have heard many words and phrases explaining to you that Divine Love is the Hub of the Universe and that there is no obstruction to Pure Divine Love anywhere in Creation.

"But until mankind purifies the feelings and holds the attention upon the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ knowing that all Authority over all human creation is the Authority of That which is wholly Divine....until that is understood, any explanation of what Divine Love is only reaches partially through the human consciousness.

"When the individual decides to give Recognition and Authority only to that which is Supreme throughout Creation....when in the feeling world the individual can hold Harmony and with Intense Love, Stillness and Devotion, feel the Authority within that Flame, then will Its Supreme Intelligence be known.

"The Ascended Masters’ Love is the only thing which can consume mankind’s hate. Therefore, mankind en masse must come to the Recognition of the Reality of that ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, the Ascended and Angelic Host or they can never be taken out of the conditions they are in today.

"You have never realized what Real Happiness is."

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