Monday, May 17, 2010

We shall remain

This is really a beautiful piece that ran a while back on PBS. I saw it when it originally aired and it struck me just as deeply when I rewatched it over the weekend.

This piece illustrates the cross roads of a people of course. That is a given. That is at the very heart of all that is the Native Americans story and history. They still live among us still yes but only in OUR way, the way that was forced upon them. We live on their land. They have been forced into small areas of land parceled up to the 1/5000th by our government so that it makes it difficult for them to reclaim it or even just collect leasing money they are due or the right to sell it or pass on to family members in wills! Very bright Indian attorneys who are now very adept at deciperhing our legal systems are artfully weaving through documents and yet are STILL backed into legal corners for decades. Do you think this is by accident?

All this does is make me angry. Very angry. And I do not like to be angry so I release this to the Heavens.

And then....when I study the American Indian story, I like to focus mostly on what they had to teach us when they ran free. I believe for many years now, 10 or so, that this is at the heart of where the most powerful Truths and wisdom lies in relation to the Emergence that is underway since the year 2000. We may not have bows and a foreign people or battle between lands, but we are in yet another Shift of the Ages!

It has been said that I once roamed this land as a fierce and holy Indian warrior! Perhaps this is why I understand this in my heart. Even though I know walk among you as a mostly quiet and content mother, a sister, a daughter.

Current spirituality is always but especially now, in the mix of this Emergence, this Universal co-creating the New Earth! This is leaving many (but alas not all) feeling empty, confused.... lost. Many beings no matter their culture, do not like change when it comes to their Religious practices. But if you are seeking just to be at Peace in the storm with all your questions...there is great Truth in the Spirituality, and the wisdom of the American Indian. Listen to and read the Great Chief speeches, in books, in film and in this wonderful PBS piece on Geronimo. In the very beginning the tale of Dark overcoming light, in the Elder womans descripition that we all have the Power.

It is called "We Shall Remain" and is a 4 part episode/series. I recommend at least viewing Part 4: Geronimo I have added a link to the PBS episode viewer to the "Links if Light" on right hand side of page. So that it is convenient for you to watch all 4 episodes online.

You can also copy and paste into your browser:

I encourage you to view it. It's about an hour twenty minutes but parts I referenced are in first half hour. Just click on title, then click play in the screen where you see Geronimo. I also have referenced book by Kent Nerburn that he compiled quotes from the Great Chiefs on the blog roll call of links on right hand side here. I read it at least twice a year.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

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