Friday, July 16, 2010

Join the wave of Unity!

This site is with simple intent, an opportunity to share and promote an event that may be happening in your area, and see the widespread intent happening in Costa Rica, California, New Zealand, Netherlands, Berlin, British Columbia and on and on! Namaste! Jill

The Conscious Convergence…A Wave of Unity: Welcoming the Birth of a New World. Now though July 17/18 2010 and beyond. This program is open to all wisdom and faith traditions. We will have global Tele-Webcasts with fascinating discussions and presentations by respected scholars, healers and scientists. We will also feature regular global meditations connecting us in heart and mind as we journey together co-creating and manifesting unity consciousness.

The Conscious Convergence is a global collaborative of individuals and organizations whose purpose is to set the intention for, and to demonstrate the fulfillment of, unity consciousness, both individually and within communities around the world. All wisdom and faith traditions are invited to join and help express how we, as an evolving species, can transcend age-old boundaries and ideologies to fulfill a greater destiny than our history may imply.

Shared Intention Agreement

I, as a sovereign being, join together with All That Is to call forth the presence of balance and unity within me and in our world. I am the conscious presence of harmony and reconciliation and I am grateful for the wholeness I bring forth in this and every moment. And so it is.

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