Saturday, July 17, 2010

Right here....Right now!

Right here...Right now

by Jill Westerholm

Today and Tomorrow the Cosmic Convergence is underway all over the globe. From North Africa, to Switzerland, Germany,Ireland, United States, Australia and all points in between. Like minded individuals will be focusing on expanding the consciousness of humanity, the connection we all have to one another and the co-creation and vision of the New Earth!

So, what does it all mean to YOU?

Well...that is actually up to you.

You could go about your weekend as you usually do. Going only so far as to read about
the Convergence here or there without delving further or maybe even dabbling in watching a few videos or reading a few forums about the Convergence as if it were the Sunday paper without any real participation in your own heart and mind.

Or, you could ponder what this New Earth means to YOU.

We are at the precipice of so much potential, so many possibilities, for really centuries now. The expansion of consciousness is somewhat inevitable with the arrival of the christ consciousness energy over the last decade. But, if we do not open our hearts and minds to this expansion, it's purpose is lost. And then...our fate is somewhat more rigid. Defined in predictable duality that has a much darker finale.

It starts with individuals. Including YOU.

One by one. The more that are awakened to our Oneness and Truth....the more that will awaken. Otherwise, it's like an unopened gift that sits in a corner. Unnoticed & unwrapped.

If you find it hard to contemplate playing any real part in any Emergence to a new reality of global consciousness...a world of Peace & Unity and unfoldment...then perhaps you should consider why.

Is it because deep down you do not believe?

Do you not believe a New World is possible?

Do you not believe YOU could possibly have ANY effect whatsoever on global transformation?

Belief is the seed to all expansion.

And the miracles are all around you!

Alvin Green believed he could run for office. With little education, previous political experience, party endorsement or backing or funds and a formidable oppononent an unemployed military veteran who raised no funds and put up no campaign website shocked South Carolina's Democratic Party leadership by capturing the nomination Tuesday to face Republican U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint in November!

Two weeks ago, Christina Perri was just another struggling L.A. artist waiting tables at the Melrose Place Café. But then, a mutual friend got her "Jar of hearts" song demo into the hands of a choreographer from the hit TV show "So You Think You Can Dance, and this choreographer loved it so much, she asked Christina to rush-record a professional version to be used a routine on June 30. The song then exploded overnight, hitting number 13 on iTunes, number 23 on the Billboard Hot Digital Songs chart, number 58 on the Billboard Hot 100 as it quickly sold more than 100,000 copies. ALL OF THIS WITHOUT A RECORD DEAL!

Miracles are happening all the time all around you. Healing miracles... through the mere intent to heal, stage 4 cancer and more of the incurable is being cured! Science is now showing us the power we have even over not just our physical bodies, but the weather and huge storm systems as well as the linear world of Music, Television, Sports.

"The desire of many is to create Heaven on Earth. Seek instead to experience Heaven within thine own self, and then it will manifest as a reflection of this"

If you deny your own power to manifest that which you desire ...even over logic, it is merely because you CHOOSE to do so. And if you deny your power to help transform our reality to a better place, it is because you CHOOSE to do so! And in doing so you are relinquishing so much of your own inner power to transform the world we live in!

Consciousness: What you pay attention to, you become conscious of. The definition of consciousness is the awareness of being aware.

I encourage you to CHOOSE to be a part of the movement on this planet to co-create the New Earth. Pay attention! Believe in the power you truly have!

Take time to sit and meditate this weekend for however long you are comfortable to simply embrace your Oneness with all that is. To embrace that which you already know....and that is with GOD... ALL things ARE possible!

Most of us that have followed this movement for decades believe it is imperative that we engage and remember or awaken to our Oneness. Many of us intuitively know that while this transformation is somewhat mysterious, it certainly will not just happen on it's own. The Mayans recognized that these 9 waves or shifts must involve humans aligning together and consciously committing to their purpose.

Envision, intend and align with your idea of a better world.

The miracles show us that we are closer then ever before! Yes, even in our government and financial systems. As Master Eckhart has said "Change is absolutely necessary in this world, and the dissolution of many of the ego-based structures is necessary for humanity to survive. What's happening isn't'dreadfully bad.' It needs to happen; the intelligence behind phenomena is doing it, so it's a good thing."

New Earth signs?

Increasing Oneness, path of all peoples coming together in Peace and Unity! Red, Yellow, White, Black we are all united in Oneness.

We control our DNA! You are a human angel and connected to the Creator you are not separate. You have the power to help heal yourself & others! Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually!

Manifestation of our Desires. The Great Spirit wants to co-create through you! The only limit is in your imagination! Put forth in your thoughts this weekend that which YOU would like to co-create! What would you like YOUR part to be in this better world?

Peace and Bliss within and all corners of the world.

Abundance in all forms.

Rediscovery of knowledge that empowers us.

Science, Quantum Physics and a deeper spiritual understanding of the Universe.

A redefinition of who we are...a realization that nothing real exists.

We are closer then ever before.

This weekend marks yet another shift in consciousness....the 8th wave of 9 in the Mayan calender system...the Conscious move humanity toward understanding our Oneness as we approach the 9th wave around 2012. More and more humans are becoming aware of our conscious co-creation with God and our Oneness.

Of course this is a beautiful thing! With the global intent of so many this weekend, much more will continue to become transparent as we move toward a world where the human mind is no longer dominated by any dark filters and as we begin seeing reality the way it IS...without any separation.

Continued separation is the only alternative and that leaves us with a future that is much more dire. Without the manifestation of a shift in consciousness toward Unity, Peace, and complete Oneness, many feel the world will eventually come to an end. Only a shift in unity consciousness will forever stop the unchecked exploitation of the earth & it's inhabitants on a deep level and make us understand that we are ALL an integral powerful part of creation and need to live in harmony.

We are being called to Remember. And it is up to us. As the Hopi said, we are the ones we've been waiting for. Even Christian scripture says this on many occasions such as the Gospel of John: The works I do, you will do, and greater!

Connect in with the thousands if not millions of human beings world wide who are helping to co-create the New Earth! Engage! Believe! Join me in the simple practice of intending your part in this most vital and beautiful expansion of consciousness that is happening right here. Right now!


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kim said...

Beautiful and powerful Jill! Thank you for your devine insight and uncomplicated way of explaining something so great! Many will read...many will see!