Thursday, July 15, 2010

Speakers of Truths score big Emergence victory

the Great Emergence absolutely requires the speakers of Truth to stand up to Power. For more then a year now, the sole voice of Truth in Washington has been Elizabeth Warren. She is despised by big banks, by the Fed, the Treasury. She is the single most brilliant appointment by our new President. Her proposed Consumer Protection Agency was nearly dead in the water but single handedly she advocated and fought and won today in the Financial Reform bill to preserve this "cop on the beat" of Wild Wild West Wall Street greed and corruption. I'm moved that this was retained in the bill that passed. And if she is named as new head of this agency, upsetting so many in power, I will be filled with more hope then I have been in many,many years that we are once again on track to a New Earth that is based on equality and peace.

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