Monday, October 18, 2010


There are only a few leaves left on the trees.
The temperature is falling closer to freezing at night.
We all know what comes next.
But, at least we've had a glorious autumn to treasure!
As best we can
in our oh so busy lives.
Above normal temperatures.
Yellows, reds, greens, purples and oranges.
God shows us through nature...
that change is a glorious thing!
and inevitable.

I recently learned that death is like that as well.
I learned that the hard way
when my Papa passed away unexpectedly.
He who helped give me life...
was gone.
He who held my pinky in church
was gone.
How could that be glorious?
I always knew death was inevitable.
But tell me, how do we know it's

The crisp air whistles over me
as our lab gets a good roll goin...
paws up in the air
working on a back scratch
like only a grass scratch can give!
She's been around enough to know
it could go anytime now...
gone for another seven months.
For some reason
this season's imminent departure...
isn't bothering me.

Change is in the air alright.
And this time it feels different.

Today...I searched for the words
to find what it is that felt different
in our day to day lives.
And the lives of our loved ones.
And the word that came to mind
was a darned good one

One I even hadn't thought of!
all this time...
In this long and winding road.

The word is:


Why is Resolve
such a great word
you ask?

Because when things get resolved
once and for all my friends...
new things can begin!

The wheel can move again...
instead of stumbling through
the mess we've made
cleaning up the mess
others have made...
we can say with satisfaction,
there, that's done!

And when issues are resolved,
it doesn't matter how
they started in the first place.
or why they happened.

There's a lot of potential
for resolve around here
And if you are not catching
the winds of resolve
fret not
you will
is Inevitable.



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