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It just is

It just is

by Jill Westerholm

The longer I live the less I know and the more awake I am
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The road feels a bit bumpy at the moment and once again, I did not expect this! Or put out for this.

Have you found yourself saying that one before?

I prefer to just BE rather then to fight against the current of my own egos desires. I have a growing cynicism toward the "Your thoughts create your reality" material goods movement. Or, I guess one could also call it the Manifestation Movement or Manifestation Mania. However, that implies that I was ever fully on board in the first place and the truth is, I haven't ever bought into it as much as I wanted to.

Wait. Before you panic and say "She's finally lost it"....I AM all on board for positive thoughts, and turning a frown into a smile and ALL that of course! Always!

The Tibetan teacher Chogyam Trunpa warns that any interpretation of spiritual principles which claims to deliver the ego’s desires is an example of “spiritual materialism.”

The web site Newagepride.org has done a wonderful piece exploring all aspects of the creating reality movement

From my own perspective, I have had issues from the start....and colleagues might say "you are blocking it" or it's "getting in the way" with my manifestations which always either made me laugh if I was in a good mood, or slightly agitated me if I was in a frustrated place.

Look, I want to understand something on a deep level before I dive fully in. And all along the way this create anything you like business was being thwarted by my own guides and inner wisdom finding holes in the Law of Attraction as it was currently being sold to the masses.

I've also always benefited from being married to a near Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, who is always the first to need the common sense, logic or science behind these types of movements. My own background is much more immersed in traditional Christianity as well as beliefs that everything unfolds according to God’s mysterious will, and who are we to question God’s wisdom?

I can remember when my husband and I first watched "The Secret" in a basement-showing organized by other like minded individuals and my beloved and I looking at each other afterward disappointed in what could have been. We didn't even stay for the eager discussion afterward.

Another frustration that is born out of Spiritual materialism is....for beginners:
How come it doesn't work for me?

How many times have you heard that from those that tried real hard after the Secret with their vision boards and thoughts only to walk away rejected and filled with failure.

And for those really eager schooled seekers...What does this mean if I just endure so much for so long but I'm unable to vastly change the essential structure of my physical reality with any significant manifestions here in the physical plane?

Certainly, aspects of the Law of Attraction and the power of our thoughts ARE a vital piece of this little documentary that could. It did at least touch on aspects of how available God is to us, and how we are inter-connected with our thoughts. It's just that it was drenched in spiritual materialism. So much so that it was in the end much more in dualism and the ego vibration than the Oneness vibration. I would say the majority of the Spiritual movement out there is draped in the same cloak which inevitably leaves one longing for something with more Truth. Eckhart Tolle's "Power of Now" is the beautiful exception.

In Dualism, I suppose you could say a child in Darfur who feels and thinks "I am Poor" and focuses only on hardship, therefore is stuck in that vibrational field. But in Oneness it can also be truth that indeed that child is poor and recognizing that is still being in Grace and Love and even a higher vibrational field. Not to mention the fact that this child isn't continuously creating this world of starvation at all. It just is.

It just is.

As Dalai Llama says we don't learn patience from listening to a wise speaker speaking about it, we learn patience from someone who serves to make us practice patience! We learn true abundance when we learn to live with less. We learn compassion by being around others that require us to be compassionate and so on.

I've come to know we can speak out and still be in Oneness. And I resent being told otherwise time and again by so called Spiritual experts. In the vibration of Oneness reading about and having compassion about Darfur alone does not make me at risk of being as poor! That is simply ridiculous. It does expand my heart in compassion! Criticizing the actions of the extremely rich does not mean I'm saying I don't want to be rich. It just means I don't want to be selfish.

Compassion is where Oneness resides always always always. It is how to find the Lightworkers in alignment. It is how I feel through who is working to serve their ego (both consciously and unconsciously) and who is serving God/Oneness. Well, that and what they are charging for their services which is also down right outrageous at times.

Compassion that is taken advantage of-- is not in alignment either.

As it is in all things... there must be a balance.

Master Jesus was the great Teacher of Compassion. Jesus mentioned poverty as much as Love in the Christian Bible and it is central to his teachings. How different would his ministry have been had he chosen not to speak about this topic due to his trepidation that he might continue to re-create poverty in the world?! Ridiculous!

Spiritual materialism is also the only big rub I have with the Abraham/Hicks body of work as well. Which does not mean I throw the baby out with the bath water on rest of the amazing Abraham/Hicks work. But it and SECRET are out of alignment to the degree that they take the vibrational manifestations of what you are wanting.

While one statement of truth does not in my opinion auto-create, it is important of course to choose wisely in the thoughts you are thinking and repeating!

The Apostles fell into duality of poor vs wealthy mindsets. Poor being ungodly and not worthy of the Son of Man. When they were told they were to leave everything behind it could be construed by Religion to mean "give all your land/wealth" to the Church but Jesus meant it to mean wisdom and Oneness does not lie in material things. They were stunned, shocked when he said a camel has better chance to pass through needle eye then for rich man to enter the Kingdom.

I believe now that Jesus said that because wealth brings a density in form to things, an imbalance in the Ego (which Spirit is illustrating vividly these days) and because the truth that lies within all of this is much much harder to find if one is very affluent and not seeking to understand/find/unravel their way out of it.

Of course we know the Kingdom of Oneness and all that is... is NOT at all to do with your bank account. Not how much money you give in tithing and not in how much stuff you own.... but try practicing that one out. It aint easy is it?

And again, it isn't all or nothing. You don't have to be poor and living in squalor to be One with God. And you certainly don't need to manifest a mansion and fleet of cars to get to the Truth!

I walked away from a life of alot more money and on a small scale, fame and popularity, in principal so that I could have a life that was more balanced with the real things that nourished me that are non-material. To be there more for my children and to feed my creative soul and do the things I wanted to do. Not right away mind you. It took me 20 years. But I did it. And I do not regret it. At all.

But to live on a wing and a prayer financially certainly without a doubt....can be challenging. A test isn't quite what it is... there is no way to fail or be graded... there isn't even right or wrong answer...although it sure has felt that way at times along the way. We've all experienced the test of faith when coming to what seems like a dead end. Or feeling surely we must be doing something wrong this aint workin right! Maybe perhaps...it is more like...an essay?

Can you endure this, this this this this this and still stay with me... in Oneness?

Caution here's where it gets tricky!

If I am saying my truth whatever that may be "I am going through this (insert non Oneness/duality situation) it of course still requires caution and must be in a VERY limited manner so as not to expand that reality or vibration and or lower my vibration into dualism. Which to me happens when one tries hard to solely manifest really material things. This isn't easy and I admit it took me many years to get the hang of this. Spirit says some of you may recognize that meant you didn't hear from me that often for while there and still sometimes now... It's just easier that way.

The saying "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" sums it up best.

But point is Truth is Truth. There is no duality in truth....while in Oneness and the abundance of all that is, there is a time to say help me, I need you, or I am broke, or I am tired of being sick, I am lonely. Just as there is a place to see someone suffering and say with compassion and the whole of your vibration and heart chakra "This is wrong." "I see this and its not of Oneness."

The density lack of Oneness/separation comes starkly to us now in the growing chasm of the have's and the have nots.

Remarkbly, those with less are giving more.

The have nots are unemployed and yet using time to volunteer in growing numbers, the have nots who are in fact working hard jobs and working in time to help others in their precious free time, such as the bus worker in NYC, who cooks warm meals between shifts and delivers them to Labor Ready! He makes 200 meals a week and spends half of his wages on feeding these cold, homeless immigrants lining up for work 7 days a week while working hard he fits in to make AND deliver a warm cooked meal! He is called the Angel in Queens:
and there are many more like him out there. Worry less about how to manifest for yourself. Roll up your sleeves and help others and the rest will fall into place.

Oneness is inclusiveness not exclusiveness. If it can't be done by all, can't be afforded by all, can't be experienced by all, it quickly falls out of alignment. Being in Oneness requires balance as all things do and of course you still must be very cautious to participate when needed but often times also to just observe, certainly dwelling on certain negative situations vibrationally in our thoughts and our emotions can quickly throw one into Dualism.

We are all extensions of Source, living an infinite number of experiences for Mother Father God, we are a physical vessel, and there is no separation, not between God and self and not between others and God. And while we do have free will for how we choose to deal with what is before us and how we
choose to think and therefore feel, at times...Spirit delivers experiences that are
beyond our thoughts and beyond form. The ascended masters have shown this is beyond many of the teachings out there and I'm sorry to say the majority of populist Oneness teachings and even religious teachings are drowning in Dualism and ego.

"You are what you think" vs "I have no control over my life" when indeed the truth is,it is not wholly either or.

It just IS.

There is much truth and wisdom in choosing our thoughts cautiously. Our thoughts cause our feelings and our feelings cause our vibrational field. Which right now brings forth an unlimited arrangement of possibilities of where we go from here individually and as a collective into 2012!!

The more often I can rise above the "I" and accept what Source is delivering, to be experiencing through me, the more at ease I will be, the higher my vibration will be, then the higher the vibration of my family will be, and the more I will be in higher dimensions where I can ascend past the physical experiences that are part of the Creators thread and more often BE in that part of being a physical Being that brings me Bliss and Joy and work more toward solely Co-Creating.

Co-creating and Being Present is the orchestra of life to bring forth all that IAM wishing to experience in concert with that which Creator wishes to experience/play out.

Spiritual materialism ASSUMES God wants whatever you wants. Assumes your will is God's will. And I'm hear to tell you this is collaborative effort. And I for one, have learned to be very grateful for this. Because often times, my ego gets in the way of the really good stuff that God brings forth into my life.

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