Monday, April 04, 2011

Magnetic field changes Part 2

All the information I am now receiving spiritually relates to changes in Earth's magnetic field. Gregg Braden has spoken for years about our connection to and the changes occurring with Earth's magnetic field:

We can certainly see profound changes with the Earth's weather in form of extreme precipitation or lack of it, earthquake activity and etc. But perhaps it is less noticeable to us to think about the more subtle and increasingly less than subtle changes within our own bodies and families.

By more subtle, I mean more easily attributable to other health causes or stress or anything else than the Earths magnetic field! Western medicine is scrambling a bit to make sense of the increase and onset of variety of symptoms and falling toward a wide spectrum from wisdom of not acting rashly to sporadic vast tests that disapprove nothing and medicine and more medicine that at times compounds the problems.

These conditions now include Migraines, more frequent headaches, Digestive troubles, Extreme malaise, Nervousness, Inflammation, Joint pain, Memory issues from mild to extreme, and many speech issues can all now be attributed to changes in Earths magnetic core.

The Speech issues are gathering more attention as they occur in the public eye & quite a few made national news for weeks and ended up being attributed to a complex migraine.

Tom Kenyon has relayed messages from Spiritual group that calls themselves the Hathors for 8 years. His website is linked on blog roll to right here. In 2008 he relayed a message regarding the changes in Earths magnetic field & how it would begin to effect us emotionally & physically. For whatever reason after seeing this string of news personalities struggle to form words, I immediately recalled the message if not the detail of it. I went right to it and was astonished at what I read!

Another set of symptoms directly related to the perturbations of your magnetic field are distinct changes in how you hold short term memory—because memory is a function of the magnetics of your own nervous system and that of earth. Your brain processes information through the minute gravitational and non-gravitational fields of it’s own structure and it is affected directly by fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field. And so you can expect an increase in short term memory anomalies. You may find yourself speaking a sentence and suddenly the words do not come to you or you mix up the words from their normal syntax. While in some cases this is the sign of a brain disorder, you will find this happening within the general populace at an increasing rate. Escalations in collective short-term memory glitches will lead humanity to a most novel situation. This situation is an opportunity or a curse, depending on how you work with it.

So how will you work with it? Tune in to the Earth! Get outside and get your bare feet on the ground. Breathe deeply outside and look up at the sky. Ground yourself with grounding meditations. Ask to vibrate with her in meditation and prayer. Chant & Hum to clear through vibrational debris. Sing or Laugh as often as you can as it is a natural attunement to your natural vibration as well as Mother Earths. Certainly do not discount medical ailments that occur that could be serious ones but also do not discount the degree to which we are connect to Magnetic field changes underway. We may be entering unknown territory. Do not let it be a curse. Stay light-hearted with it and let it be an opportunity to embracing the unknown that is all around you.

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